My hat is off to Jill Chambers

Rep. Jill Chambers has fought off a tax increase that her fellow Republicans were trying to push through.

Why are you in the Republican Party, Rep. Chambers? Your views seem more in line with the LP.

[UPDATE by Erick:] It’s been suggested that showing this video might in some way be illegal. I’ve broken out the law books and House rules and think it is okay. We’ll leave it up unless someone clarifies the issue. Rep. Ehrhart says the video is no problem, so it’s staying.


  1. Indy says:

    Jill Chambers is AWSOME!!! Propably the best representative Georgia has!!! I love Jill!!!

    Dan Weber however… I have nothing nice to say. He needs to be voted out of office next year… I am in his district and can’t wait to vote for anyone else… ABD (Anybody but DAN)

  2. Indy says:

    Strike the “propably” because it is a typo (probably) and because in my book Jill IS the best representative we have in Georgia!!

  3. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Jill is a great Representative for her district. I think I know every street in it we have been down there so much helping her. We might not agree on every issue, but at least she stands her convictions.

    BTW, with taxes we agree 100%.

  4. adamsmith4883 says:

    The only time there is a rule against cameras, at least that I could find, is in House Rule 8.2 and this rule limits itself to the floor of the house, the gallery, or the lobbies. It doesn’t even apply to committee meetings.

    Not to mention, the cameras were approved by the Speaker; they are part of the Georgia Legislative Network, as proven by their mark in the upper right hand corner…

  5. eehrhart says:

    No rules broken and all House meetings are open for just this purpose. The more scrutiny the better.

    Please post more as it is really the best way to see what happens.

    Rules Chair

  6. DMZDave says:

    Wow, “the more scrutiny the better” Well said Mr. Chairman and congratulations Erick. This truly is much more valuable source of information on the legislature and Georgia government and politics than the MSM in general and the AJC in particular. Last one to leave at the AJC, turn out the lights.

  7. GAWire says:

    So, in other words, any tool who says this was illegal is just that … a tool.

    Am I correct to make that assumption?

  8. saltynuts says:

    Looked to me like Jill Chambers just wiped the floor with Weber. He’s not fit to carry her purse.

    If Jill lives in his district, I hope she’ll consider running for Senate.

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  10. R.E.M. says:

    I’m sure Jill will run, but she ended up voting for the measure and all the measure’s to make the city of Dunwoody. Although, the Georgia Gang has said that Jill is working with Vernon Jones against Weber on the whole Dunwoody Cityhood issue. The people of Dunwoody who have followed this issue from the start are questioning why Jill is working for Vernon against Dunwoody becoming a city. It is a legit question. More info to come on the fight between Jill and the Citizens of Dunwoody later during an election year.

  11. Rick Day says:

    If someone can get me the gig at the Dome, I’ll write that bubble commentary ‘on the fly’.

    I’ll work really cheap *blink*

    It will be a big hit! Blogs can sponsor links. #1 on the cable! Tens of thousands will become keenly interested in the workings of the Legislature.

    Well, umm forget I said that last thing, heh.

    Honestly, this was the funniest interwebs thingie I’ve seen this week. Hooray for the biting social commentary.

    And Jill Chambers? Hell, she should run for governor, and then president. Of the world; then of the moon.

    She is the only republicritter I’ve had the opportunity to respect. That she demonstrated her true libertarian creds in this scene is no surprise to this indie.

    And who is that KID running the committee? Wow! Talk about youthful leadership~

  12. This video is great for politics! Gen X at it’s best.
    Vote against 5% of a county population having an exclusive vote on whether or not they should be able to disrupt 15% of a county budget.

    SB 82, 83 and others associated with it are absolute economic debauchery, and must be stopped.

  13. R.E.M. says:

    SB 82 and SB 83 will pass. I don”t need to read Jills comments. I have heard her in committee and witnessed first hand what she has been doing.

  14. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    I hope you aren’t insinuating that she IS working for Vernon. If you’ve seen and heard her firsthand and still think that then there is something wrong with your reasoning capabilities.

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