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With regards to this post, I received this via the tip line:

Erick, don’t be so hard on Judge Parrott. Judge Self had no jurisdiction to grant custody in the case, as a plantiff cannot simply venue shop repeatedly until they find a judge to give them what they want.

The woman should have appealed to the state appeals court, if she disagreed with his ruling, not appealed to Self. Can I simply move to another county and file another civil suit against the same party because I lost the first? I believe the woman and her attourney were found in contempt for this venue shopping, and not solely because they failed to turn over the child.

Anyway, since when do you take the Southern Voice’s evidence on face value? Isn’t their usual M.O. to give only one side to any story, and gloss over details to the contrary?

First, you and I can both probably agree that Ms. Hadaway moved to a more convenient forum. However, the matter in Wilkinson County was an adoption and the matter in Bibb County was a custody hearing — two different things for purposes of res judicata.

When do I take the Souther Voice’s evidence on face value? I don’t and never have. I researched the matter myself, including reading the court documents. In this case there is very little that is disputed.