Marshall backs Edwards. UPDATE: Not Really

UPDATE: Prompted by Steve Perkins’ question, I called Cong. Marshall’s office. I spoke with Doug Moore, Congressman Marshall’s Communications Director who told me Marshall has not endorsed John Edwards for President, he was merely present at the event. Of course when you read the quote it’s pretty generic. My post relied on Cracker Squire’s post which is titled ” Rep. Jim Marshall throws his support behind Sen. John Edwards” which isn’t accurate.

Hat Tip: Cracker Squire.

Rep. Jim Marshall, D-Ga., was on hand at the law office, throwing his support behind Edwards.

“I think Senator Edwards has an excellent chance of being the next president of the United States,” he said.

Macon City Councilman Mike Cranford said he’s been a longtime Edwards supporter.

“I think it’s an honor anytime a presidential candidate can come down and meet with us,” he said.

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  1. StevePerkins says:

    Just for clarification, is Marshall formally “endorsing” Edwards… or just showing him an “expression of admiration” at this point in time? If those were supposed to be endorsements from Marshall or City Councilman Cranford, they were some of the weakest endorsements I’ve ever heard. They basically just seem to be saying, “I like the guy, and it sure is neat to visited by a candidate who has any chance at all.”

  2. Bill Hagan says:

    This is a good move for Jim. It is clear that Edwards has no chance of winning the nomination, so it will allow Jim the luxury of not supporting Hill or Obama in the future. And because it is not a formal endorsement if Edwards ends up on the ticket as the VP nominee; then, Jim can always deny that he was an Edwards’ supporter and pull one of his famous flip-flops. You can say what you want about Marshall but you can’t call him dumb.

  3. DutchDawg says:

    Marshall is a shitbird. He hasn’t endorsed ANYONE since he’s been in Congress it seems. He’s too scared that voters will identify him (rightfully so) as a liberal.

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