Has Paul Broun Pulled a Ralph Hudgens or Did Ralph Hudgens Pull a Paul Broun

A friend of mine sent me some documents last week right before my computer died and I was not able to post them. Seeing a comment in moderation reminded me about them and I was able to get everything recovered and uploaded to my Flickr account.

So, having reviewed the documents, I think we should say that Ralph Hudgens pulled a Paul Broun. Hudgens, you’ll remember, was excoriated here and elsewhere by declaring his candidacy for the 10th Congressional District while Charlie Norwood’s body was still warm.

Well, Broun, it seems, was “declaring” his candidacy while Charlie was still breathing and serving in Congress.

Check these out:

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Link 2
Link 3
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Basically, Broun has ongoing correspondence of the last year letting people know that as soon as Charlie dies or resigns, he’s getting in and has money in the bank waiting.

If we were willing to pile on Hudgens for his antics, surely this is worse.


  1. drjay says:

    i have a love and admiration for charlie norwood that goes back over a decade. it was no secret he had had an ambition to run for governor and likely would have, had he not become ill. this looks like broun was, behind the scenes, laying the groundwork for an attempt to succeed dr. norwood before much came out about his illness, and the genie was kinda out of the bottle already when it became clear that dr. norwood was not well. i’m not sure this rises to the same level of gaucheness as what hudgens did, but that’s just my opinion…

  2. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Uhhh, the second letter is the worst of the bunch.

    Broun starts out, for reasons I can’t understand, providing an update Congressman Norwood health update.

    Later–after waiving his “Official Friend of Charlie” card in the air for a paragraphs–he begins to lay out his campaign plans and finishes by asking readers to make an online contribution at http://www.waitingforcharlietopass.com.


  3. Donkey Kong says:

    I would like to know if Rep. Norwood gave Broun permission to raise funds to be his successor. If Norwood passed off on it, I wouldn’t have a problem with it at all.

    Dr. Broun, if you read this, care to comment?

  4. tony r says:

    Can we all agree on this: if you announced before charlie norwood died and/or was buried or if you live outside the 10th district DON’T RUN.

    Sure it may be legal to run, but you have no class and no respect for the process or the people here.

    Just go do something else.

  5. Capitol Bee says:


    Can we take an online poll to see who thinks Broun is an idiot?

    Aslo, I guess as soon as his disclouser comes out he should have at least $250,000? After all, he already had the pledges and the fact he’s been campaigning since 2005!

    Almost forgot, those two Congressional endorsements he already has–they should be coming out soon too , ah Paul?

    At least this race has an entertaining candidate.

  6. veritas says:

    Rep. Charlie Norwood’s health problems were not sudden. He had been in various stages of ill health over a period of time.

    It seems to me that Dr. Broun was simply embarking on a prudent course of action, realizing that if Rep. Norwood did pass away while in office, the campaign for his congressional seat would be brief — and that sufficient planning and resources would be necessary.

    This is simply foresight, not ghoulishness.

  7. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Dr. Broun spoke to me last year about his hope to succeed Dr. Norwood, but only ever spoke of it in the context of Norwood “retiring” — he never so much as hinted at having an expectation that the Congressman might pass away soon, or at any time in the near future.

    Also, he never hinted at a corresponding time-frame; rather, I got the impression that he was simply ready to go whenever that may have occurred, whether it was in the next year or a decade down the road.

  8. Holly says:

    I seem to remember Charlie wanting to run for governor in 1998. Someone who has a better memory than me, am I right about that?

    If so, there’s a long time between 1998 and 2007, so why not pull back and just say to those who ask, “I’ll consider this again when the time comes”? Why continue to secure endorsements and financial contribution promises? That’s the part that confuses me the most.

    “I have assured Charlie personally that I would not challenge him.”

    Oh, dear. As someone who knew Charlie, I can only imagine how that went. Yikes.

  9. RuralDem says:

    “Basically, Broun has ongoing correspondence of the last year letting people know that as soon as Charlie dies or resigns, he’s getting in and has money in the bank waiting.”

    Maybe I viewed the wrong letters, but from what I read, Dr. Broun’s reasoning for running was due to the belief that the Congressman would be seeking higher office.

    I take it you’re not a Broun fan? That’s the only reasonable explanation for this.

  10. bowersville says:

    The correspondence is plain, Broun knew of Dr. Norwood’s illness and in case the recipient of the correspondence did not, Broun was informing them.

    As far as the $250K, I’ll believe it when I see the cash.

    We, in the 10th, all knew of Dr. Norwood’s continuing struggles with his health for quite some time. I view this correspondence for what it is, TASTELESS.

    Dr. Broun may have viewed the communique differently, but he needs to explain…without adequate explanation, it looks too much like a buzzard circling to suit me.

  11. GOPeach says:


    You are right!

    Dr. Broun has had the best intentions and is a man with great dignity.

    Anyone who would think otherwise is morbid and needs to find a better topic/thread to bog about.

    Sheeeeeeeeeze. ( rolling eyes)

    I have heard it all now.

  12. Holly says:

    Actually, the rumor mill is that Broun’s total fundraising is right at $80,000 at the moment. The FEC doesn’t yet have his report for the first cycle available, though, so I can’t yet verify that.

  13. timechols says:

    Here is the critical difference in the actions of Dr. Broun and Senator Hudgens: According to the reporter, the Senator publicly stated to a newspaper reporter that he was planning to run for Congressman Norwood’s seat upon the Congressman’s death while Congressman Norwood was still courageously fighting for his life.

    At no time did Dr. Paul Broun make any such statement to any representative of the media or in any public forum.

    What Dr. Broun did was to privately share with a very limited group of friends and associates that he felt he should run for the seat when it became open. Broun clearly and repeatedly stated that he supported the Congressman, would never challenge him, and hoped and prayed that Charlie Norwood would recover.

    No intellectually honest person could read the letters from Dr. Broun and reach any other conclusion.

    Cynical persons, however, may. In fact, it is likely that those who often say things that they do not sincerely mean could believe that Dr. Broun would do as they do. Those who know Dr. Broun, however, know that he takes his faith very seriously and that he would not lie about this or anything else.

    The things that Dr. Broun did to prepare for a future campaign, he did privately. It seems, though, that some do not deem personal correspondence to be private. Thus, the fodder for your cannon.

    Actually, Senator Hudgens was not malevolent in what he did. He just answered a reporter’s question honestly, when it would have been wiser to take a pass on it.

    Finally, the truth is that quite likely every candidate now in this race, was also making plans. This is probably particularly true of Jim Whitehead given that his campaign is making much of the claim that Team Norwood is now Team Whitehead. It is perfectly logical that members of Congressman Norwood’s staff, faced with sudden unemployment and an uncertain future, were looking for a another politician to hook up with and that Whitehead could see advantage in having them in his camp.

    Are we to believe that this all just happened by coincidence? Please!

  14. bowersville says:

    H*ll, yes, blame it on the potentially unemployed Norwood staffers. The fact is Paul Broun, Jr. authored and signed the letters.

    I believe Senator Hudgens was not malevolent, just as Broun was not malevolent, but it still stinks.

    Broun needs to explain!!!!!

  15. Holly says:

    I don’t know Paul Broun personally. What I do know is that, to me, it’s an entirely different ballgame in hiring Charlie’s staffers in March and starting fundraising correspondence over a year before Charlie’s death.

    Also, given that the district is likely going to a Republican, I’d say that most of the Republicans running would want to keep the likes of John Walker & Co. in place. I can’t see any sensible person “cleaning house” given the experience of those folks. Therefore, I don’t think the staffers’ future was all that uncertain. I do, think, however, that there was a significant advantage in hiring them. Kudos to Jim Whitehead for chosing well.

    But it’s still comparing apples and oranges. One took place before Charlie’s death, and the other came after his death. That makes an enormous difference, at least in appearance.

  16. I Am Jacks Post says:

    “. . . looking for another politician to hook up with . . .” Good grief. That’s just tasteless.

    Tim, from the tone of your comments,

    I assume you’re on board with Broan. Therefore, I trust Dr. Broun can count on the full support and assistance of your battle tested turnout machine, comprised of busloads of 11 year old Alabamians lured to Georgia with promises of class credit and chicken dinners.

  17. bowersville says:

    Good grief, I forgot who Tim Echols is. Tim for the sake of the caimpaign for Broun,

    Please come to the 10th with all your kool-aid. I can see all the “Don’t drink the Kool-aid” signs now.

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