Congrats to Cynthia Tucker

She’s finally won a Pulitzer. She’s biased, overtly partisan, doesn’t hold Democrats to the same standards she holds Republicans to, I disagree with everything she says, and she is a delightful writer whose work is always worth reading.

She deserved it. Congratulations.

Congrats also to Hank Klibanoff, the AJC’s managing editor.


  1. JRM2016 says:

    I have to disagree. If the Democrats had to pay for the space Ms. Tucker takes up in the AJC, I would have less of a problem with her. I found one of her most recent columns about Republicans “witch hunt” for voter fraud really being about the fact Republicans cannot admit defeat in the 2006 elections. Are you high? Democrats litigated the 2000 election to the U.S. Supreme Court. The most notable 2006 election contest was by a Democrat loser in a Florida Congressional race.

    The facts are ACORN and other liberal organizations regularly violate voter registration practices all over the U.S., the most notable case being in South Dakota. Stunning evidence exists of further fraud in Arizona, New Mexico and California, but since the (ahem) recently fired U.S. Attorneys in those areas refused to investigate or prosecute, those cases from 2004 have continued to sit. Ms. Tucker evidently has not found it worthwhile to mention that to her readers. Thank goodness we are living in an age of new media where people like Cynthia Tucker are not relied upon to be the gateway to having one’s voice heard in the political arena. It is her style of ideologue-as-journalist that is leading to ever declining readership of the Atlanta rag.

  2. heroV says:

    JRM2016, she won a Pulitzer Prize for COMMENTARY. Get a hold of yourself.

    I do think that Ms. Tucker needs to lay off the botox, though. Did you see her on Chris Matthews’ Sunday show. Sheesh, pretty scary…

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