Snark Post of the Day. Victim: Paul Broun for Congress

imageI don’t know Paul Broun from Adam. He’s running in the 10th Congressional District for Charlie Norwood’s old seat. He’ll be in the GOP primary free for all special election.

I got an email from his campaign the other day. It contained the photo you see here. Part of the email said, “His background in the military and wide involvement as a sportsman is being well recieved throughout Northeast Georgia.”

First, remember “‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’.” Second, take a look at the license plate. Look closer. That’s right. It’s a South Carolina tag that expires in December.

Dr. Broun, it’s really no big deal. I’m just being snarky — bloggers do that. But you might want to have your staff think about these little details going forward.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    Broun’s bio makes it seem like he’s a long-time resident of Athens, but does anyone know if he used to live in Sumter County down in south Georgia at one point? I could SWEAR that I used to have dealings with a “Dr. Paul Broun” (can’t forget the odd spelling) when I was a college student down in Americus.

    I worked part-time for a mom and pop computer shop, and went out to his house now and then to fix something or get him started out on the Internet. This was early to mid 90’s, either shortly before or during Paul Coverdell’s time.

    I remember that I was trying (unsuccessfully) to get a College Republicans chapter off the ground at Georgia Southwestern State, and Dr. Broun was one of the few people in the area at that time with any meaningful ties to the GOP (I think he had run for Congress or Senate a time or two).

    Obviously my memory is a bit sketchy, not even sure if it’s the same Dr. Broun, but he was very gracious with his time and enthusiastic about giving me advice and support. I remember him being a really decent and kind guy, who was die-hard GOP back before it was popular.

    Can anybody throw me a lifeline here? Are there multiple Dr. Broun’s who are known in Georgia Republican circles, or is this the same guy and he used to live in Americus?

  2. JayHanley says:

    Steve, you are correct. Dr. Broun used to live in Americus. From what I understand, he was on staff (maybe even medical director) of the hospital down there. He ran for U.S. Senate in 1996 based out of Americus, according to FEC records.

  3. GOPeach says:


    Thank you for posting such a great picture of Dr. Broun. Mispelling a word and hunting with friends in South Carolina is not a bad thing. 🙂

    He will be a great congressman.

  4. Jeff Emanuel says:

    GOPeach, that pic is on his website. Pay attention some time.

    Steve, yes, he lived in Americus as well as other places. His father was a state Sen. from up here in Athens for a long, long time.

    This is nowhere near his first run for office.

  5. Rick Day says:

    While we are on the subject of amatuer photography, why is that man lapdancing with a shotgun and petting a dog like they are two of the most foriegn things in his real life, um, props?

    A question comes to mind: is he always a poser?

    Ah, Doctor, a memo from ‘stage left’:
    gun safety dictates you keep your guns business end always pointed up.

  6. timechols says:

    FYI is the real thing when it comes to guns, hunting and sportsmen–unlike a few of his oppenents who are trying to get people to teach them to shoot. Broun is the past president of the Georgia Sport Shooters and is a great skeet shooter. The truck belongs to his brother.

  7. Federalist says:

    What a cheap attempt to impress conservatives with his pick-up truck and a gun. Watch out voters, we have a real “tool” on ours hands.

  8. StevePerkins says:

    Man, I don’t really get the hostility here. Erick’s post was pretty snarky, but hell… it’s labeled “Snark Post of the Day” for crying out loud! I’m sure Erick was just stirring a pot a bit to generate discussion… it’s not like anyone can’t click on Dr. Broun’s website, read that he’s a lifelong Georgia resident, and surmise that he’s sitting on a buddy’s truck in that photo. I don’t think Erick was “attacking” him… so why jump on a bandwagon that doesn’t really exist?

    I don’t have any remote connection to the 10th District, so it isn’t my place to “endorse” anybody. However, Dr. Broun was decent and kind to me when I was a Republican activist 15 years ago. Do the math, and that means he was Republican long before half the RINO party-hoppers who represent the GOP today. Questioning his bona fides on account of a standard-issue cheesy photo-op is just petty and ridiculous… when every other candidate in the race has similar photos on their website of hugging babies and old people. The man’s from rural Georgia, and that’s where he’s running… is he supposed to pose for photographs eating sushi while wearing a tuxedo?

  9. CharlesJStevenson says:

    Broun tends to jump the gun a lot…even with spell check. But what could you expect from a man who was so quick to count out Charlie Norwood as far back as 2005?

    Recently, several letters from Broun’s exploratory campaign have been circulating around the area, and I think the man came across sounding far too eager for Charlie to go. Didn’t Ralph Hudgens get tarred and feathered for this sort of thing?

    Here are links to some of the letters:

  10. GOPeach says:

    Steve Perkins –

    LOL – I like you.

    You wrote:
    “…that means he was Republican long before half the RINO party-hoppers who represent the GOP today.”

    BINGO!!! Right on the money!

    Dr. Broun is 100% Conservative! Not a RINO bone in his body. I am in Cobb and my neighbors are so happy that there is a man in the 10th who will be supporting our values in Washington as well.

  11. bowersville says:

    Before you claim they are a bit of a stretch, read ’em.

    If it reads like a buzzard, circles like a buzzard, and smells like a buzzard….it’s a buzzard.

  12. Holly says:

    I don’t know how the letters are a bit of a stretch. They’re written on Dr. Broun’s letterhead and signed by Dr. Broun.

    I am in Cobb and my neighbors are so happy that there is a man in the 10th who will be supporting our values in Washington as well.

    Charlie Norwood was an excellent representative of our conservative values in the 10th district, and he is sorely missed.

  13. timechols says:

    Here is the critical difference in the actions of Dr. Broun and Senator Hudgens: According to the reporter, the Senator publicly stated to a newspaper reporter that he was planning to run for Congressman Norwood’s seat upon the Congressman’s death while Congressman Norwood was still courageously fighting for his life.

    At no time did Dr. Paul Broun make any such statement to any representative of the media or in any public forum.

    What Dr. Broun did was to privately share with a very limited group of friends and associates that he felt he should run for the seat when it became open. Broun clearly and repeatedly stated that he supported the Congressman, would never challenge him, and hoped and prayed that Charlie Norwood would recover.

    No intellectually honest person could read the letters from Dr. Broun and reach any other conclusion.

    Cynical persons, however, may. In fact, it is likely that those who often say things that they do not sincerely mean could believe that Dr. Broun would do as they do. Those who know Dr. Broun, however, know that he takes his faith very seriously and that he would not lie about this or anything else.

    The things that Dr. Broun did to prepare for a future campaign, he did privately. It seems, though, that some do not deem personal correspondence to be private. Thus, the fodder for your cannon.

    Actually, Senator Hudgens was not malevolent in what he did. He just answered a reporter’s question honestly, when it would have been wiser to take a pass on it.

    Finally, the truth is that quite likely every candidate now in this race, was also making plans. This is probably particularly true of Jim Whitehead given that his campaign is making much of the claim that Team Norwood is now Team Whitehead. It is perfectly logical that members of Congressman Norwood’s staff, faced with sudden unemployment and an uncertain future, were looking for a another politician to hook up with and that Whitehead could see advantage in having them in his camp. Are we to believe that this all just happened by coincidence? Please!

  14. bowersville says:

    Have you ever considered the staffers knew Whitehead?

    Who are you accusing of being cynical and doing as they do?

  15. GOPeach says:


    We know Charlie was wonderful. We just want someone with the same spirit fills his shoes ( as much as possible)…

    No dishonor here. Great respect.

  16. GOPeach says:

    Bower –

    People always see what they are looking for.
    If you are looking for buzzards, you will see them-
    If you are looking for a statesman, you will see one.

    Think about it.

  17. GOPeach says:

    Tim Echols-

    I know you from when I was Sen. Pam Glanton’s legislative aid. It has been a really long time!

    I agree with what you have stated.

  18. Holly says:

    Tim Echols,

    The more I think about it, the more I dislike your comments regarding Jim Whitehead’s staff. You my be supporting Paul Broun, and that’s fine, but you’ll never meet a more hard-working, sincere group of people than Team Whitehead.

    Yes, several worked for Charlie Norwood through February, but their decision to move to Jim Whitehead’s campaign doesn’t mean they changed loyalty stripes, and they certainly didn’t slight Charlie in their move. Of course they loved Charlie, but they also love the state of Georgia, and particularly the 10th district. Those who serve in the House and Senate – elected and staff – share a great passion for our state, whether Democrat or Republican. I cannot imagine them setting aside the ambition to better our state at the loss of Charlie. They know, like those of us in the 10th district know, that there is still much work to be done in this state. Unfortunately, we move forward without one of our fiercest fighters. We lost much when Charlie left us, but we can’t give up just because he’s gone.

    To discuss them in response to an accusation where your candidate was fundraising before Charlie’s death somewhat implies that you’re suggesting those staffers were looking for the “best deal” employment-wise before Charlie’s death. I’d advise great caution in doing that.

    Rather, I invite you to meet the former members of the Norwood staff who are on Team Whitehead. There are three in the office, all of whom I have a great respect for. Please leave them out of discussions where they don’t belong in the future.

    As to the “what Dr. Broun did privately” comment, I would like to point out that fundraising is not a private matter because there have to be disclosures filed with the FEC, which are then posted on the internet for all to see.

    Another thought: any time you put anything in writing, it has the opportunity to surface again, no matter what the original intention was. I’d suggest this as a lesson to all candidates: if you think something might be viewed as wrong or distasteful by any group, don’t send it out. Dr. Broun would’ve done far better to call his friends, since you say it was a limited group. Calls are harder to have come back to bite you in the future.

  19. timechols says:


    Good point. Maybe I jumped the gun. My Peach Pundit friends are rubbing off on me.

    More on Broun.

    The scoop on Dr. Broun’s medical license lapse is this: In 2005, the Composite State Board of Medical Examiners went to an on-line license renewal process, and they supposedly notified physicians by postcard—which were not certified. No other notice was sent out.

    Dr. Broun never received the postcard and his license expired for a short period. As soon as he realized that his license had expired, Dr. Broun ceased from practicing medicine, contacted the board, and took the necessary steps to reinstate his license. A temporary license was granted and then the State Board issued a full license when it met. A standard renewal and late fee was paid by Dr. Broun with no other disciplinary actions or sanctions placed upon his licensure. In the end, this was a simple clerical error that resulted in no harm for anyone.

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