Signs you’ve been at the Capitol too long

When lobbyists that you don’t know, know you on a first name basis and you’re not an elected official, you’ve been at the Capitol too long. Consider this an open thread.


  1. Daniel Simpson says:

    Come, come Andre. That is not a bad thing. It is always good to be known around this building. I still have random people come up to me and ask if I am THAT Daniel Simpson. Peach Pundit made me famous! 🙂

  2. Old School Politics says:

    This is the time of year here at the end of session when all the interns begin to suffer from intern-itis. This unusual psychological sickness causes them to forget they are interns. They actually begin to think they are legislators and represent the “people back home.” They also start planning their runs for State House and State Senate. You have to admire them! Aim high! Keep up the good work.

  3. Daniel Simpson says:

    Me, run for office… yeah right! Believe it or not, I would much rather run (or perhaps ruin) things from the background. It is much more fun in the shadows. 🙂

    All sarcasm aside, at this point, I have no desire to run for office. That may change in twenty or thirty years, but for the moment, I prefer to keep my sanity. Some people have a gift for being able to deal with the spotlight. I do not. “I don’t want to be the guy; I want to be the guy the guy counts on to get things done.” It may sound crazy, but it’s the truth.

  4. confederate navajo says:

    Ah…the trusted intern/aid. What ever happended to the wild drunken inter post on here? I kind of miss them? I think I spotted a few Senate Aids/Interns at the Braves game the other night doing there best to get on the kiss cam. And about running for office…I hear a young Senate intern from the Peachtree City area is all ready planning his run for higher office. Now here is the real question we should be asking as session comes to a close “who will party harder next friday? The Senate or House kids? Take that one to committee and chew on it!

  5. Daniel Simpson says:

    It won’t be I. I don’t know how Sine Die managed to be scheduled the day before the GOP District Conventions, but I’m going to get all the sleep I can before I have to hit the road for Macon.

  6. Capitol Bee says:


    The intern who’s running–what do you mean higher office? Going out on a limb here, I would assume the intern is not already elected to, uh, anything. Is he/she eyeing a house or senate seat or maybe rather dog catcher?

  7. Old School Politics says:

    Andre, Can I get your autograph. Also will you write the forward in my new book since your so famous

  8. JP says:

    What twit at Redstate is acting like the thought police in this comment? Since when is a “hate site”?

    Now you know why I refuse to read Redstate or (good Lord!) help pay one of their operatives to go to Iraq.

    Lawd have mercy!

  9. adamsmith4883 says:

    What happened to the “Who will get more trashed at the Sine Die Party?” poll? Did Erick start getting nervous because the results were 70% for legislators?

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