PeachCare: the beginning of the end of the Republican majority…

…Before the Georgia Senate adjourned today, Senate Rules Committee Chair Don Balfour announced that House Bill 340, the PeachCare eligibility reduction bill, would get a hearing in committee Monday, April 16th at 9:00a.m.

Prior to this announcement by Sen. Balfour, it was my understanding from news reports along with this conversation that I had with Sen. Balfour that the Georgia Senate was not comfortable with cutting kids from the important program that is PeachCare.

I guess I was mistaken.

If HB340 passes out of Rules, and what the bill looks like, is up for discussion; but I want to be clear that any bill that tries to cut kids’ health care is not a bill that the people of Georgia, the voters, can or will support.

As I highlighted earlier today, the people of Georgia don’t hold the Republican-led Georgia General Assembly in high esteem right now, and if the Republicans pass this bill, I predict that they’re job approval rating among voters will decline even further.

Plain and simple, Georgia Republicans are about to do, in four years, what it took Congressional Republicans a decade to do…fall out of favor with the voters.

Note: This was cross-posted at Georgia Politics Unfiltered.