Kudos to Ben Harbin

Here’s this overview of the state budget in the House.

State troopers got a pay raise. The ethics commission received more cash. Extra money will be pumped into schools. And Gov. Sonny Perdue’s “Go Fish” initiative to boost tourism was resuscitated in a $20.2 billion state budget plan that cleared a key House committee Thursday. The House also poured an additional $40 million into the state education funding formula, helping to shrink the austerity cuts to schools that had grown at one point to more than $300 million under the Perdue administration.

Rep. Harbin left out money Sonny Perdue wanted to fund HPV vaccines saying they needed more information, which they do. That was good.

Also, Glenn Richardson has maneuvered well. With the Governor hinting he might line item out any tax refunds unless his conservation funding is restored, Richardson left the funding out saying the Senate could restore it if they want. This is a clever way of putting the ball in the Senate’s court to pass funding that would benefit the Speaker’s own county. If the Senate doesn’t put it in, Sonny might line item veto the tax cuts. If they put it in, the Speaker can call them hypocrites while reaping the rewards of the funding.

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