The Devil’s In The Details

And Travis Fain has dived in to find out some of the problems with the budget deal.

One day after a late-evening budget compromise that had Georgia House and Senate leaders singing from the same hymnal, the fallout began to settle.

It turns out that nearly 250 adult literacy workers across the state may be furloughed for two months because the tax-break compromise swallowed up the $1.8 million the program needs to complete this fiscal year.

District attorneys from across the state showed up at the Capitol because some of their money also was a casualty of House-Senate negotiations that put an end to a budget stalemate late Tuesday.

There’s also a potential problem with the logistics of disseminating the $142 million in tax breaks, coming in the form of property tax exemptions, that are the cornerstone of the agreement. And then Gov. Sonny Perdue offered a lukewarm reception to the compromise, which he’ll have to sign in order to finalize. He promised only to look at the proposal very closely.

Of course, having filed my taxes today, I could use a tax break. Ugh.