Since Erick asked so nicely…

…I thought I’d post on the front page about the growing boycott of Peach Pundit by members of the progressive/liberal Georgia blogosphere.What you’re seeing here, I believe, is the gradual decline of the Georgia progressive/liberal blogosphere; and I believe this turn of events is unfortunate because in order to have a constructive dialogue on the issues, we need to have both sides fairly represented.

The problem is, however, that the Georgia lefty bloggers have for the large part insulated themselves from this dialogue. Ask yourselves how many times a Republican has been invited to post regularly on the front page of the “the flagship blog of progressive politics in Georgia”. Sure, blogs are supposed to “hyper-partisan”, but at least this blog makes an attempt to give us Democrats an opportunity to present our point of view.

I think that one of the reasons why Peach Pundit is read by both Democrats and Republicans alike is because everyone knows that when you come to Peach Pundit, you’re probably not going to agree with most of what’s posted on the front page or in the comments section. However, most of the folks here that comment are respectful and can disagree without being disagreeable.

I can honestly say, from my own personal experiences and observations, that by and large if you have the temerity to disagree over at a Georgia lefty blog, chances are you’ll be berated, insulted, and made fun of.

You want an example? Read the recent exchange over at Blog for “Democracy” (I put the word “democracy” in quotes because Peach Pundit is more democratic than they are) between a new commenter by the name of “EazyE” and the regulars.

I want to be clear that I think that the lack of a credible “progressive/liberal” Georgia blogosphere would be extremely detrimental to, as Hillary would say, the conversation; but let’s be honest here, until Georgia lefty bloggers stop insulating themselves and stand up and say, “Yeah, I’m a Democrat, but here’s what those other guys are saying, and this is why we disagree with them” without resulting to the personal attacks such as calling people asshats, morons, douchebags, idiots, and pretty much anything else that make people think what’s the point of going over to this site or that site, if they’re going to insult me and my opinions; then what you’re going to see is the Georgia progressive/liberal blogoshere going dormant.

It’s already happening. People are already wondering why the traffic “volume has dramatically gone down.”

Ironically, the traffic on my site has gone up, so I have nothing to complain about.


  1. Erick says:

    By the way, I’d welcome more Dems on the front page. All I ever ask is that the front page posters try to have a modicum of objectivity and even handed. We’re not trying to suppress partisanship here, but I think we’d serve a higher purpose of being willing to highlight the good and bad on both sides.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Good post Andre,

    Too many people who label themselves progressives prefer isolated echo chambers to any real debate. Look how they ban their own members who disagree with the majority opinion.

    The fact is that few commenters on this web site are the monolithic hoard that the left imagines. Perhaps it is projection on their part, but look how many Libertarians and libertarians post to this site.

    They can have their echo chamber. It only hurts them in the long run. Since their ideas are never challenged their is no mechanism for weading out the bad ones, so most of what is discussed ends up being looney and out of touch with reality.

  3. Erick says:

    You know, I have the same problem with the right. That Conserva-pedia crap is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Why on earth do people pack up their footballs and go home instead of engaging.

  4. Bill Hagan says:

    This is one of the few forums where people can discuss different ideas in a civilized fashion. Andre is often a pleasure to read and I doubt that we would agree on many issues, but here at Peach Pundit I at least get the opportunity to be exposed to his logic. This is truly a bipartisan website and that what makes it successful.

  5. Just so y’all know – Blog for Democracy has not de-linked Peach Pundit. Yet another anti-truth from Mr Walker.

    No surprise that Andre doesn’t feel welcome at BfD. He has spread lies about both founders, and about organizations in which we participate.

    Glad “Andrudge” is happy over here. You can have him.

  6. buzzbrockway says:

    In fairness to BfD, I think they are a different type of blog than Peach Pundit. BfD makes no secret it’s a left wing blog.

    I think some people don’t really understand what Peach Pundit is all about. Without putting words into Erick’s mouth, the whole point of PP is to cover Georgia politics. It’s not to try to find some sort of common ground between left and right. I’m a partisan Republican, other posters are Democrats and Libertarians and we’re free to disagree…vehemently sometimes.

    The great thing about blogs is if you post something you better be prepared to defend it. So I hope those on the left don’t boycott PP, but engage. If a right-winger says something you find stupid, call them out, don’t take your bytes and go home.

  7. Andre Walker says:

    Now see what just happened here…

    “Just so y’all know – Blog for Democracy has not de-linked Peach Pundit. Yet another anti-truth from Mr Walker.” The funny thing is that I never said that Blog for Democracy de-linked Peach Pundit.

    You can read it what I wrote for yourselves.

    I think you all know my style.

    Whenever I say something, I back it up with links to news articles and research that I’ve done or someone else has done for me. To quote Joe Friday from Dragnet, I stick with “just the facts, ma’am,” while others resort to personal attacks.

  8. Demonbeck says:

    “It’s not to try to find some sort of common ground between left and right. I’m a partisan Republican, other posters are Democrats and Libertarians and we’re free to disagree…vehemently sometimes.”

    The Republicans and Democrats disagree that is…Libertarians are mostly mocked or ignored altogether.

    Just like in the real world.

  9. DelicateFlower says:

    As far as I understand it, “the growing boycott of Peach Pundit by members of the progressive/liberal Georgia blogosphere” consists of de-linking by Jon of Peach Pulpit, and Rusty of Radical Georgia Moderate. While Jon is a dyed-in-the-wool lefty, I believe Rusty would describe himself as — to coin a phrase — a radical moderate. So, one moderate blogger and one lefty blogger taking the same action for different reasons, and without prior consultation with each other? Hardly a growing boycott by the liberal bloggers. Sounds more like the free market in action.

    And, Andre, while you didn’t explicitly say that Blog for Democracy de-linked, your characterization of the situation as some kind of huge phenomenon, followed by an extensive discussion of and linking to BfD would certainly lead a casual reader to make the assumption that BfD was one of the blogs included in the wide-ranging de-linking conspiracy.

    I agree with a prior commenter that Peach Pundit and BfD are two different kind of animals. As a sometime reader of both, I will say that I am far far more often completely disgusted by things I read here (both on the front page and in the comments) than on BfD. But, that’s just me.

  10. Demonbeck says:

    Could you imagine a blog where Andre is the most conservative of the bunch?

    It sends shivers down my spine.

  11. DelicateFlower says:

    Oh – and I forgot to say one other thing – if you check out the reasons why Rusty and Jon de-linked, you’ll see it was for the kind of incivility that Andre claims is a characteristic of the lefty blogs. Go figure.

  12. Jace Walden says:


    If YOU check out the reason Rusty de-linked, you would see that it was because he totally overracted to something that wasn’t even meant to be insulting to anyone, on a completely different website!

  13. jsm says:

    Rusty has no room to talk about “incivility.” When someone disagrees with him and exhibits clear reasoning, he resorts to personal insults and crass statements about the person’s mother.

  14. Adam says:

    I started reading quite a few GA politics blogs about 2 years ago in the run up to primaries and elections. Of all the sites I had bookmarked and read daily, Peach Pundit is the only one I still read (and the only one I registered on). I say this as someone who leans left, but I voted all over the map in the last election.

    This is a site where I know I can get lots of news and lots of angles on what the news means. I don’t agree with all the opinions. Some of thing things Erick posts as humor are a little disturbing to me, but I don’t think less of Erick for it. I don’t comment very often, but at least I know when I do I’ll get reasoned responses back *most* of the time. That’s more than I can say for the other blogs I’ve read in the past.

  15. Chris says:

    I’m sure there is a Rusty/Jason Erick/Bull Moose joke here somewhere. Maybe demonbeck can help me out.

  16. Erick says:

    My wife has deep rooted concerns about my sense of humor. More so because the 18 month old seems to share my sense of humor.

  17. Adam says:

    I probably just take myself too seriously to “get it” sometimes. Plague of being left-leaning, right? Hahaha.

  18. Bill Arp says:

    Erick – I love your blog and gotta tell ya that it does take up to much of my day reading it. I would like to have front page privilages…what are the requirements. I wanted to see if you could put a poll out on the Pundit on who is winning the everso delicate budget battle. I am read the papers and it seems like the tax break was a last minute reaction that helped Richardson save face.

    I really am confused about a couple things. Session was practically put to a screeching halt because PeachCare was not funded. Session had to stop session so that we could see if we would be able to get the money from the Federal Governemnt because the assembly could not pay for it….what are we going to do now that we did not get it covered by the feds…..I know…. we will give every homeowner a tax break totalling 142 million and still fund PeachCare…..I personally think the budget is pretty conservative…..And who cares who is more conservative….what is best for Georgia is what counts…it reminds me of the comic when two guys are at the urinal and they both have to tell each other how cold the water is…..the 08 budget was a good budget for the state Ben Harbin seems to be one of the finest men at at the legislature and a very hard working chairman. However I have not seen much from the Senate. The puny budget they put out really took some hard work…..they took everything the house did and tossed it…now that is how to build relationships… reminds me of someone playing a video game for an hour and then somebody comes by and pushes reset…..Let me remind the some folks of the law in Georgia….The budget ALWAYS starts in the house….there is no way that you can both do the budget at the same time and come out with the same result….you are all Republicians, dont fight like Tina and Ike…the regular people of Georgia are seeing this from the AJC perspective and it makes you look like the rich kid who always got to play every game because his dad was coach…..Republicians are better that Booby Kahns folks(but he did have the advantage of having the press on his side and writing Bill Shipps columns)….act like it….Think about how hard guys like Lynn Westmoreland worked to help get the party where it is today….I do not think he would be happy to see the same people at each other throats like they are….I mean even Rodney King wanted to “get along” sometimes

  19. Rusty says:

    There is a difference between “clear reasoning” and “regurgitating partisan talking points ad nauseum,” but I apologize for ever bringing your mother into discussion. That was uncool. Should have found a less combative example to work with.

    Yes, I overreacted, and said as much to the list and on my blog later. And apologized to Jason personally.

    I should have kept this a private grievance, and not plastered it all over the blog and to an email list. I do have some issues with some things that have been said on Peach Pundit lately totally separate from what Jason said, but my approach in this case was the wrong way to go about addressing them.

  20. DelicateFlower says:

    Jace said: “If YOU check out the reason Rusty de-linked, you would see that it was because he totally overracted to something that wasn’t even meant to be insulting to anyone, on a completely different website!”

    Jace — to be absolutely accurate, I should have said “perceived incivility.” But it was still the reason Rusty de-linked, whether it was overreaction or not (I take it from Rusty’s subsequent comments that he thinks it was) and whether it was on this website or not.

    I will assume from your lack of nit-picking comments about Jon’s reasons for de-linking that you agree that the things he pointed to were indeed incivil. But my main point wasn’t that there should be no incivility or that there’s more incivility on one side or the other, but rather that it was rather ironic for Andre to point the incivility finger, and act like everyone at PP is, like, super nice, and BFFs all the time.

    Also, did you know when you type “incivility” too many times, it starts to sound funny and lose all meaning. Try it.

  21. jsm says:

    Rusty, I accept and appreciate your apology. I do enjoy lively debate on issues, and I know it can get folks on both sides pretty fired up.

    I promise you that I do think for myself and often disagree with the actions of my party.

  22. Jason Pye says:

    Delicate Flower,

    I don’t make a lot of controversial statements. It wasn’t intended to offend. I’ll admit poor judgment on my part, but I’m hardly someone you can label as “incivil.”

  23. Jace Walden says:

    Delicate Flower,

    Hell yeah, I agree with you. Erick says a lot of stuff that is incivil. But guess what, so do I. Take a look at Rusty’s site. Hell, I was trying to piss him off, just because I thought he was being a little too sensitive. And I’m glad he’s back. Personally, I love all the cracks about people’s mothers that he makes. It livens this thing up a little bit because it’s very funny to watch people react to it.

    So, I’ll go ahead and apologize to Rusty for being purposely incivil toward him while we’re at it.

    NOW, can we all start being a little less sensitive about things?

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