No Lesbian Adoptions In Wilkinson County

Here’s the latest.

Days away from her seventh birthday, a little girl named Emma Rose is currently trapped in Georgia’s foster care system, unable to reunite with the woman who has been her mother for almost a year — all because the mother is a lesbian. The prospective adoptive mother, Elizabeth Hadaway, was also sentenced to 10 days in jail earlier this month by a Wilkinson County Superior Court judge who refused to grant the adoption in part because “the child will have a long-term exposure to the homosexual parent’s lifestyle.”

The article talks a lot about the judge. Having practiced in front of Judge Parrott, I don’t think you’ll find a much finer or fairer judge. He’s a good man and good judge.


  1. Skeptical says:

    Sorry Erick, but this guy doesn’t sound like a good judge or even a good person. Taking a child away from the person who wants to be her mother is just cruel and for the stupid reason of “long-term exposure to the homosexual parent’s lifestyle.”

    I don’t want my child to have to suffer long-term exposure to Republicans (that’s why they are banned in my house), but I don’t see me being successful in getting Republicans outlawed in this state as many here will think it’s a “stupid idea.”

    Yes, it is and so is letting a child suffer in the foster care system when someone loves this child and wants to be her mother.

    Bad judge.

  2. StevePerkins says:

    What is bizarre about this story is that the child’s BIOLOGICAL mother is lesbian also. The biological mother fell upon hard times such that she could not support the child, and asked the adoptive mother to step in so she could be cared for properly.

    By ordering the child to be returned to the biological mother, Judge Parrott is not preventing the child from being raised in a homosexual environment. Instead, he’s forcing a child into the care of one homosexual who can’t care for her, rather than another homosexual who could. Whose welfare is served by that? This is just a terribly wrong call.

    What will be interesting is if Judge Parrott’s overzealousness results in firm legal advances for homosexuals in Georgia when this matter reaches the appellate or Supreme Court level. Parrot’s basic holding is that homosexual adoption is not possible because the legal protections afforded homosexuals are too ambiguous and murky. Sounds like a prime opportunity for a higher court to clarify them.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    I have a moral problem with telling people that they must have a baby they don’t want or cannot care for and then limiting the amount of people who can give it a loving home.

    As long as the person is willing to give a child a loving safe home I don’t care if they are homosexual or a Gators fan.

  4. dingleberry says:


    Surely to God you wouldn’t let a child be raised by a Gators fan…

    Long term exposure to Florida Gators results in permanent narcissism and desire to dominate at EVERY GODD*MN sport under the sun.

  5. Demonbeck says:


    Yeah, but they use YKK zippers on all those jeans shorts – ensuring that Erick remains employed.

  6. Decaturguy says:

    He’s a good man and good judge.

    That is unless you are gay, right Erick?

    Why are we not calling out this activist judge for misapplying the Constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage?

  7. Decaturguy says:

    That’s fair, Erick, so long as we acknowledge that there are good people who are also bigoted homophobes.

  8. dingleberry says:


    What is the difference in this judge hating gay people and you hating straight people?

  9. gmcdaniel85 says:

    Oh great, THIS is how Wilkinson County gets on the map…

    Honestly, how many of you could pick it out on an unlabeled outline map? I’m guessing Erick knows where it is. Bill should… Anyone else? Did anyone play GHSA A Basketball in the last few years?

    On another note, the coming protests should be entertaining…. Gay Rights activists against rednecks… 🙂

  10. dingleberry says:

    Because you assume all straight are “bigoted homophobes” so, I assume all good gay people hate straight people.

  11. dingleberry says:

    Seriously Decaturguy, if all gay people are as full of vitriol as you are, then can you blame people out there for having a phobia towards them?

  12. Doug Deal says:

    I thought that an unmarried live-in heterosexual couple would not be allowed to adopt in Georgia, so why should a gay couple who is shacking up?

  13. StevePerkins says:

    Hardly. Parrot is trying to hang his hat on an ambiguity in the paperwork. Hadaway listed her partner’s income on the application, because the form asked for “all household income”. However, since Hadaway’s partner is not a co-applicant and would have no legal ties to the child, Parrot argues that her income should not have been listed. It does strike him as particularly relevant that Hadaway’s own income is sufficient to qualify… he’s just trying to stick her with on a procedural issue.

    You’re incorrect, Doug. There is ZERO problem with a single parent adopting a child, just because that single parent happens to have a heterosexual roommate. Things only get murky if the roommate tries to co-apply as the second parent. That is NOT even the case here… Hadaway is applying as a single parent by herself.

  14. bowersville says:

    Who in the h*** released the name of this child? Hadaway? For what, her own self interest?

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I am of the understanding that any court procedure of a minor child in this situation(custody & DEFACS involvement) is kept confidential for the sake of the well being of the child.

    Even if I’m wrong, there has to be a better way to resolve this than pounding away at it on here and Sovo.

    I thought child of Anna Nicole stuff was bad, but this takes the cake!

    And of course, the court can’t publicly speak of this.

    And don’t tell me that only mentioning the child’s first names protects her. You will be splitting hairs.

  15. StevePerkins says:

    Sorry Bill, but that could only begin to hold water if the biological mother wasn’t homosexual also. As it is, the judge is only choosing one lesbian mother over second lesbian mother… and he picked the one least able to provide support. Explain again how that’s in the best interest of this child?

    Also, I know majority rules and all, but you need one hell of a bigger majority than 65-35 to banish a group completely and make them taboo. At least 65% of Georgians don’t like blacks, and yet they can adopt. Times are changing faster than you are keeping up with, and the days when 99.99% of people view homosexuals in the same way their view pedophiles are simply over… people holding to such a taboo perspective will only be further isolated from the mainstream over time.

  16. dingleberry says:

    Um…Decaturguy, helloooooo….I asked you a question:

    Seriously Decaturguy, if all gay people are as full of vitriol as you are, then can you blame people out there for having a phobia towards them?

  17. Decaturguy says:

    I am not full of vitriol and I do not hate straight people.

    When did I ever say that “all straight are ‘bigoted homophobes’?” What I said was there are some good and decent people that just happen to also be homophobes, a point for which Erick even acknowledged.

  18. blogger says:

    Bowersville, you are certainly correct that any court procedure involving a minor child SHOULD be kept confidential by law. However, the court records in Wilkinson County are NOT sealed, as they should be. Maybe someone should ask the Judge why this matter was heard in OPEN COURT and not in closed chambers…..just a thought.

  19. faciamus says:

    The long term negative side effects of being raised by someone who is a practicing homosexual far outweigh any positives that could be gained by her immediate adoption by this person. Homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder as recently as 1971. The practice of it is inherently wrong. It is an undeniable fact that a man and a woman in marriage are the two best people to raise a child.

  20. blogger says:

    Possibly so, but initially, the case was heard in open court in Wilkinson County by Parrott. Judge Self’s hearing was not.

  21. Doug Deal says:


    Where do you see it as being in open court? From what I have read, everything about the case was thrown open to the public by Self and the plantiff.

    Which is yet another thing that makes me think this is about the plantiff making a political point, and not having less concern for the child.

  22. blogger says:

    Maybe she is trying to make a political point, mabye not. Who really knows? After reviewing the court documents, I am certain she cares for this child more than anything else, and it is apparent that this child needs her mother. I just wonder what’s to happen in court the next go round.

  23. Doug Deal says:


    She had known her for less than a year, most of that time in the process of litigation of some sort. How could you be certain of anything regarding her fitness as a parent? Also, I think that hardly qualifies for the term “mother”.

  24. blogger says:

    She had KNOWN this child for several years, she had CUSTODY of this child for less than a year. Have you seen Dr. Gregory’s report concerning the regression of this child? I think if Ms. Hadaway can bring the child from a point to where she first was, to the point she was when she had custody of her, then not only should she qualify as a “mother” but also as a “nurturing, caring, loving mother.”

  25. Doug Deal says:

    She has known this child for several years and allowed her to be negelcted by the mother to the point that she did not attend school or even learn how to read?! I don’t think that is a testiment to her favor.

    Have you actually read Alicia Gregory’s (I left out the doctor part because she is not an MD) report, or are you just quoting a highlight from the order? The full report should be confidential. If so, please post a link to it, and let everyone read it, so we all can benefit from your secret knowledge.

  26. blogger says:

    I don’t think it’s been posted to the web yet, but will keep you updated on that issue. Thank you for the correction in that Ms. Gregory is not an M.D.- Someone in this whole matter chose her to evaluate the situation so I’m sure she is of some great importance.
    Doug: How could Ms. Hadway prevent a mother from neglecting her child when she had no knowledge of the neglect itself until informed of it? She only learned of the neglect when the biological mother told her she was unable to care for the child. Is this your understanding or is there something different?

  27. Bill Simon says:

    Faciamus Sez: “The long term negative side effects of being raised by someone who is a practicing homosexual far outweigh any positives that could be gained by her immediate adoption by this person”

    And, you have documented evidence of this, or just a pile of non sequiters to babble outloud about?

  28. Doug Deal says:


    I only pointed it out that she was not a doctor because the article said that they brought in a “doctor”, which suggests a profession and not just an honorary title. Not to say that you would even want a medical doctor in that situation, but if they made such a mistake in one area, it’s not far fetched that it could permeate the article in others.

    Anyway, I think our discussion is moot at this point. It is in the hands of the appellate court, where it should be, so my side won. I do not know who should have the kid, but I am not going to support or oppose someone’s ability to adopt solely on the grounds that she is gay or straight.

    I only spoke up to defend the original judge, because I do not like witch burnings and rushes to judgment of easy to target villains., and parts of the women’s and Sovo’s claims are to the point of being caricatures of a cartoon villain.

  29. blogger says:

    Hey Erick. Please don’t that I was implying that Judge Self released the documents. I was just wondering why the case was heard in open court by Parrott and why the Wilkinson County file wasn’t sealed. I don’t see any fault in Self’s case.

  30. Doug Deal says:

    Blogger, where is your evidence it was Wilkinson, from what I understand Judge Self quoted the sealed documents in his order, and is the reason why people know what was in the original (he quoted from it liberally).

  31. blogger says:

    Word spreads fast throughout Georgia I guess. Someone said they heard about this in Wilkinson County in court when it happend- not a party to this action might I add. Like you said, our discussion is moot at this point. We’ll just have to see what happens.

  32. Doug Deal says:

    After seeing Erick’s latest post, I think she should be allowed to adopt the child in a part of Georgia more accepting of their curcumstances. But Ms. Hadaway and her lawyer need to spend time in jail for contempt.

  33. blogger says:

    But there is no contempt. Parrott ordered the child back to the biological mother. Hadaway took the child back to biological mother, (where custody reverted to natural mother, as ordered) child broke down and biological mother refused to take the child with her. I don’t see how she or her attorney (which to my knowledge is not representing her anymore) could be held in contempt of court.

  34. Doug Deal says:

    The order, according to Erick’s summary was that custody would be granted to the county if the mother did not take custody within 10 days.

    Do you actually believe there was any attempt to transfer custody of this child?

    It looks like the judge made the mistake of believing Ms. Hadaway and her Lawyer had any
    desire to follow the law.

    In the end, it is the law abiding people that pay the price for actions of people like this Hadaway, as judges have to assume that everyone is going to have some kind of “angle” to avoid the law.

  35. blogger says:

    Yes Doug, I do believe there was an attempt to transfer custody.

    Has anyone seen the article on the front page of the Macon Telegraph today? Any thoughts?

  36. Doug Deal says:

    Read Judge Parrott’s order. Read the part about how the transfer was to occurr. There was no goof faith or continuous custody,

    Hadaway is a manipulator, and the only reason you support her is because in your mind is because you want to believe in any dispute the gay person is always right.

    If the roles were reversed, and Hadaway was a straight father who was ordered to give the girl back to a a lesbian foster mother, and performed the same sort of sham, you would be on the other side, and say he should be found in contempt.

    It is typical of lefties.

  37. blogger says:

    Lefties? Ha, I admit, I have to laugh at that one. I myself am a straight female- never been a lesbian a day in my life. You are incorrect in thinking that you know what is in my mind. But don’t worry, its typical of closed-minded people.

  38. Doug Deal says:

    talking to yourself blogger? I initially supported the adoption.

    This woman is no hero, she is someone who uses a child for publicity and sympathy, when avenues that were more proper and less pubic were available. If a straight man had done this, you would be all up in arms and shouting for his lynching.

    And, I never called you a lesbian, I called you a leftie. If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck….etc.

  39. blogger says:

    Like I said, you are just close-minded. Plain and simple.
    I never said Elizabeth Hadaway was a hero….but how could you say she is using a child? You obviously don’t know this family that has been torn apart. You are just going by black and white. Oh, and by the way, I’m all for straight men who can care for their children as opposed to WHOEVER who cannot care for them obtaining custody. It’s not that I am against the norm, I am just FOR WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE INTEREST OF A CHILD! That is Georgia law, a thing everyone here should take into consideration.

  40. Doug Deal says:

    So, all of us should do whatever we can to subvert the rule of law if we think we are in the right. Isn’t every party of every dispute certain that they are in the right?

    Why do you think she should not have to file an appeal like everyone else in her position would have to? I know, I know, it is because you cannot look past the fact that she is gay, and no matter what she does to break the rule of law, it is always the result of the hatred of someone else.

    Finally, aren’t judges supposed to be the ones who determine what is in the best interest of a child? If what Judge Parrott did was so egregious, then wouldn’t she be assured to get the child back on appeal?

  41. blogger says:

    Of course the Judge should be the one to decide what is in the best interest of the child. Parrot decided one thing, Self decided another. Who is really right here? This is two different opinions of two Judges of two counties. Aside from that, how do you possibly think that removing the child from a lesbian who loves her and has provided for her and returning her to ANOTHER lesbian (biological mother) who lives in a truck and never sent her to school and allowed her to be abused could even be ANYWHERE near what is in the child’s best interest? I never said she shouldn’t have filed an appeal.

  42. Erick says:

    Hey Bill, I just saw your comment about Allen Freeman’s former opponent. That was uncalled for. I’ve tossed it. Don’t do it again.

  43. Doug Deal says:


    That’s why what she did was improper. I researched the enacting legislation that created this section of code. The enitre point of this was to PREVENT jurisdictional contention. Hadaway intentional subverted the intent of the legislature to CREATE jurisdictional contention.

    If she would have appealed the decision, like reasonable people would have done, I would have hoped the appellate court would have given her custody, perhaps suggesting that she move to an area more friendly to her circumstance for the BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD.

    But no. She dicided to pick a fight with a judge, that I have heard is a pretty by the book guy. She painted it as a man out to get gays for no other reason than blood boiling rage, because she didn’t get her way.

    Is this indicative of someone who is of good ethical and moral character? Is someone who chose to subject her potential daughter to a public circus, instead of quietly following prescribe legal remedies a good candidate for being a mother?

    She and her supportes have done nothing but disparage the court, the foster family and everyone else who stands in their way. This does not earn sympathy in my book, but makes me think the people standing against her were right in their judgement.

    The judge, on the other hand, has not said a word about this in the press, has not disparaged her, and has acted properly as an officer of the court. You may not agree with his reasoning for not giving custody to Hadaway. But it was within his power.

    White couples are often times blocked from adopting black children because there is a concern for the preservation of the culture of the child, among other reasons. Adoption is about what is best for the CHILD, not what is “fair” for the prospective mother.

  44. Doug Deal says:

    Anyway, I will let you have the last word, if you choose to respond. I think I made my case and there is little that I can add. The custody hearing is on Thrusday and that will settle it one way or the other.

    Then, we can wait for the Appeals Court to settle the matter of the contempt.

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