House v. Senate: The Latest Casualty

The House Science and Technology Committee heard two hours of testimony earlier this week on Senate Bill 148, the Saving the Cure Act. Chairman Amos Amerson promised a full committee vote this morning at 8:00 a.m., but reneged, refusing to recognize any motions from his members and adjourning at 8:01 a.m. It is unclear whether SB 148 was delayed because the House leadership wants to expand it to include embryo destruction or is punishing prominent Senators because of their stand on the budget. It is clear that the measure has enough votes to pass.

The sad thing is that the bill was so well though out and so widely supported. In addition, it would distinguish Georgia among the states and present an alternative to an increasingly hostile debate on life. I just can’t believe the Republicans in the House would want to include embryo destruction in the bill, so I assume they are just continuing the pissing match at the expense of sound policy choices.

Chairman Amerson, please feel free to come on and explain what happened.