Hobbs drops out.

Sue Everhart in now unopposed for the State GOP’s top spot:

Hobbs, who served two terms as Cobb GOP Chairman from 2003 to 2007, said he decided to withdraw from the race after spending time thinking about what is important to him.

“It’s time for me to focus on my personal and professional life,” he said.

The 38-year-old small business owner is engaged to be married this summer in Charleston, S.C. The amount of time needed to fulfill duties of serving as state chairman, as well as personal finances, also were major concerns, he said.

“After four years of being (Cobb) party chairman, I understand it’s a full-time volunteer job and at this junction in my life – these are my earning years,” said Hobbs.

UPDATE: The Political Vine is not buying Hobb’s withdrawal:

Knowing him as I do, I would not be a bit surprised to see him pop his head up at the convention, claim that a “groundswell of support” came to him and begged him to run for chairman, and he will claim the MDJ story was all a “fake story put out by my opponent.”


  1. Bill Hagan says:

    Sue is a great lady and I must say I don’t know much about Mr. Hobbs. However one thing I noticed during the resent election cycle is that the State GOP in reality did very little to assist in challenger races. They gave some small amount of help to Mac Collins and Max Burns but this was in no way enough to have any positive effect on these Congressional races. While at the same time both Gary Black and Perry McGuire should have been elected but the State Party never dedicated proper resources to helping them. Yes money was spent on all these candidates but millions of dollars in manpower and resources was poured almost exclusively into Sonny’s race. The catch was that there was no chance that Sonny could loss. Therefore it was money wasted.

    Now Hobbs may not have been the right person to run because he was unable to develop a strong support base but it really seems shameful not to have a competitive race. It seems to me that one party insider will replace another party insider. After the 2006 elections with four losses that should have been victories it would seem to me that this is a time for a change at the top.

    I hope that I am wrong but frankly I expect the party to continue with business as usual once Sue is elected. I hope Sue will follow her own course as Chairwoman and truly make the Georgia Republican Party a tool to be used in all statewide races and not just guaranteed wins.

  2. GOPeach says:

    Bill Hagan –

    I can not see Sue as an agent of change. My advice to Mac Collins, MaxBurns, Perry McGuire, and Gary Black is to not look to the State GOP for anything but cocktail weenies, cheese cubes, and a cash bar along with a picture with Rudy for at least a $1, 000 contribution.

    2008 will be ALL ABOUT the White House …top down leadership once again.

    The big boys get the choice meat and the little guys get the crumbs off the table — the dregs.

    The GA GOP was 100% about grassroots when Ralph Reed was chairman. Those were the days.

    Republicans used to be the BEST at grassroots. Sonny’s first race proved that grassroots work.
    Now the GOP is top – down like the democrats used to be… seems the democrats are working the grassroots like the GOP used to do. My how times have changed.

    Anthony Scott Hobbs was a fighter who will be missed.

  3. GOPeach says:


    Now we are going to have a fanny kissing
    contest …

    Sorry Buzz — you are in over your head.

    Bill Slimon will win!!
    I know he will kiss Sue’s fanny more than
    everyone combined.

  4. GOPeach says:

    Bower —

    Bob Mathews is the District Chair for the 10th.
    He has a backbone and a heart. He’s worked on the GAGOP Executive Board knows the
    ropes. He’s the one!

    Jace —

    Like Babe Ruth … I have as many strike outs
    as homeruns! I was with Reagan, Newt, Jeb,
    Cecil Staton, Pam Glanton, Bobby, Sonny,

    I stand with my gut choice and they loose
    a lot at first…

    I rememeber when Newt taught my brother
    History. People mocked me when I backed
    him… He lost and lost again… then he won!

    I stand by my pics!
    Eventually… people will say –
    ” Peach knew all along!”

  5. bowersville says:

    I know, but I’m not sure Peach knows Bob is from Hartwell or even knows him.

    Jace, don’t write Bob off so quick.

  6. bowersville says:

    Sorry Peach, I was submitting my previous post, while you were doing the same.

    Bob is the 10th district chair.

  7. GOPeach says:

    Look guys —

    I supported Sonny.

    BUT…. The minute we let the leaders tell the
    Grassroots how to think … the GOP is sunk in Georgia. Democrats do not do this and they took Washington….

    We need to all have a voice and speak our mind.
    We need to see how people vote and elect people
    based on ISSUES not how good their MySpace looks or how popular they are. We need to THINK again! THINK with our HEART!!!

    I want the GOP leadership to see the grassroots call the shots… like in the old days. Now all the bloggers are kissing up to the “Big Guys” just to
    get a job they don’t like in order to impress people they do not know!

  8. Holly says:

    Oh, an epiphany. . . Now it all makes sense.

    Sherry left the GCCRW chair to run for Richmond County chair because Dave wasn’t running. Dave is running for 10th district chair because Bob wasn’t running.

    NOW. Now I get why Bob wasn’t running.

    I love him! He’s such a nice guy, and a hard worker to boot.

    Now I’m conflicted about Bob and Buzz. This is no fun.

  9. bowersville says:

    Peach may have let the cat out of the bag before the cat was ready.

    But then again, Bob is a hard working, behind the scenes, grass roots type of guy.

    And Peach is right, he’s not a yes man and not a blogger. He believes in personal contact.

  10. mainstream GOP says:

    Catching up here,

    I think Sue will be an excellent Chair of the GA GOP and will continue to build on the numerous successes we’ve had over the past four years, thanks to Alec Pointevent and Paul Benneke.

    From what I saw in the weeks leading up to the election, the State GOP did a lot for Gary Black, and Perry McGuire for that matter…I think our biggest mistake was wasting all of that money on Mike Wiggins, all of that money should have gone to Max Burns and Mac Collins..if that happend, they would both be in Congress right now.

    I dont think it is fair to say that if we focused more on Perry McGuire, then he would have won. He is a really nice guy, and would have done a great job as Attorney General, but Thurbert Barker got over 60% of the vote, he was the Democrat with the largest margin of victory amongst the state wide office races….and even though the state party did do a lot for Gary Black, we probably could have pulled that one off with a little more emphasis on that race, but don’t worry..Gary will be back in 2010 and Tommy has said he will retire.

    GOPeach, I’m sorry but we have strong majorities in both the State House and Senate, so I think it is very understandable that the GA GOP did not focus all of their energy in to picking up more seats, however we did pick up 6.
    We will gain more seats as these old Georgia Democrats retire, many of those districts will go Republican…..The idea was to have Sonny come out extremely strong so down ballot Republicans could ride the wave, this didn’t work as good as it would have had the National Republicans been in better conditions, but Casey Cagle and Karen Handel and many more won with much larger margins than expected.

    This presidential race will be fun to be apart of, but it will not consume all or even most of the GA GOP’s energy. Saxby will have more than enough support to win with a landslide, and if we have good nominee’s for the 3rd and 12th districts, and with the appropriate attention and support, we could finally win those seats.

  11. GOPeach says:

    Mainstream GOP-

    You must be from Cobb County.
    You must be from the 6th or the 11th district…
    Because you did not metion the 13th district…
    which is so typical.

    Well— what if I told you we have a candidate!
    A G R E A T candidate to oppose David Scott!

    This guy will take 2008 by storm. I am so
    excited! Can’t say yet. He may announce at the
    District Convention next week… he is not a
    delegate. He just lives and votes in the 13th
    when he is not busy fighting the War on Terror!

  12. Holly says:

    GOPeach, I think that mainstream could be from any district, honestly.

    GOPers in the state tend to focus so much on the 3rd and 12th because they’re right-leaning, yet have Democrats representing them. The 13th is a Democrat-leaning district, even the way it was redrawn, making it less of a viable pick up.

    I am glad, however, that you folks have found a good candidate, and I wish you good fortune in 2008.

    mainstream, I think you’re dead on with your points. I’d love to see particularly the 12th go Republican again.

  13. GOPeach says:


    It is common knowledge that the 12 th and the 3rd lean more CONSERVATIVE ( not republican- there is a difference you know)…

    These days a Conservative Democrat will win over a Moderate Republican.
    This is the new trend… hide and watch.

    Now as far as the 13th … we got us a winner.
    He is a VERY VERY Conservative and amazing
    name recognition!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

    God bless the 13th!

  14. GOPeach says:


    Back to the thread ( sorta) -I heard the Cobb GOP Breakfast was “nasty” today. That… Millie Rogers said—

    ” We’ve been gone 6 years and now we are back and we are in control of things.”…

    What an unbecoming comment… I am surprised at Millie. I thought she was above such base things. I actually had her on a bit of a pedastal-

    I suppose Scott Johnson is going to have his hands full trying to stay in charge- LOL
    whhhhheeeewwwww weeeeeee … LOL!

  15. Bill Simon says:


    I’m not conflicted at all between Buzz and Bob because of the following:

    Debbie Ellis supports Bob Matthews

    GOBetch supports Bob Matthews

    ASH supports Bob Matthews

    If all of the lying screwballs support Matthews, that tells me that he shouldn’t be supported by anyone who likes candidates who are HONEST and have INTEGRITY.

    Go, Buzz!

  16. Holly says:

    Yes, but Bill, Bob can’t be blamed for people supporting him because they don’t like Buzz.

    What I’ve seen of Bob for years is someone who works hard and never complains about what it takes to get the job done. He’s been a great chairman for us. If all you know about Bob is those three are supporting him, take my word as someone who is a lifelong 1oth district resident (except for the four years where it was the 9th): Bob would do really well in the state party.

  17. GOPeach says:


    Bill is really silly.
    He likes to lable people with his own little green ( for envy) crayon.

    Now that he knows that I am supporting Bob Matthews as well as so many other CONSERVATIVES …

    Just watch Bill go crazy —
    Bill Slimon will begin trashing Bob Matthews
    on Political Slime just to make Buzz look good.

    He slings mud at good people who challege his moderate oppinions….

    Get over yourself already!!!
    Stop being such a shmendrek.

    Tell him Holly—

    Bob Matthews is wonderful.

  18. Bill Simon says:

    Bill Hagan,

    If YOU’D like to see a “competitive race” for State GOP Chairman, why don’t you run?

    Or, try and get your pal Mac Collins to run? Ah, but that’ll just be the 3rd or 4th time he will lose this decade…wouldn’t it?

  19. GOPeach says:

    Bill Hagan-

    I might have to agree with Bill Simon-

    I know it is First! Historical Event! LOL

    He calls me a Betch – but I Betcha he loves me way down deep inside… I get his juices flowing!

  20. Holly says:


    I get along with Bill, and I think a lot of him.

    I think highly of Buzz, too, but I don’t know him personally. I did go to his web site and watch his promise to bring technology to the table if he is First Vice Chairman, and as someone who enjoys PP and understands the importance of web communications these days, that was something that impressed me a great deal.

    I think a lot of Bob, who I do know personally. He’s been chair for as long as I’ve been involved with the district convention, which was 2003. (Don’t fuss at me for the short span – I’m still fairly young! 🙂 ) He’s not web-savvy, but he’s a hard worker and should never be labeled as dishonest or lacking integrity. No, not the Bob Matthews I know. . .

    I think Buzz and Bob are both good choices, which is why I’m going to have such a hard time. That’s definitely not taking away from either man, but rather a testament to the good things I could see both accomplishing for the GA GOP. These are the kinds of races that I love and hate, but don’t see nearly enough of: two worthy candidates facing off. It makes the chosing hard, but for good reasons, which far too often isn’t the case in elections.

  21. GOPeach says:


    You are a Sagitarius aren’t you ???
    A horses ass with a bow and arrow …

    I know your kind….
    I am a counselor remember?


    That would not be you.

  22. mainstream GOP says:

    GOPeach, unfourtunatley I was not at the breakfast this morning because I was not feeling well, but It sounds like Millie Rogers simply said what so many of us were thinking after Scott won the Chairmanship in a land-slide. She has a very good reason to be excited.

    as for the 13th district “race”, I thought you knew a lot more about South Cobb than that, everytime I was down that way there were David Scott signs everywhere in people’s yards and on enormous bill boards. He trounced Honeycutt (understatement). It is a 70+% Democratic voting district, and South Cobb isn’t even it’s largest population concentration, that would be Clayton Co., try making that one go red and let me know how that one works out for you.

    After the 12th and 3rd go red, I think the next would be the 2nd..but that one will be a fight for sure, and there isn’t a prayer until Sanford Bishop retires.

    And as for the GA GOP Chair’s race, if you want an alternative candidate to Sue so bad, why don’t you try convincing the woman that is such an inspiration to you to run? ..we all know who that is 🙂

  23. GOPeach says:

    mainstream gop-

    Clearly everyone knows just how you people feel. You are so so so so so so so so so so so so so happy that you are “in charge” again. The white collar bankers are at the top of the Cobb GOP!

    Millie said she has not paid her dues in 6 years!!!
    6 years!!! That is loyality?????? Unreal!!

    And she is YOUR spokesperson!!! I would not brag about that. 🙂

    I think a few years in the cave will be good for the Conservatives. We will have time to reorganize and watch you guys get bowled over by the democrats! Then you will come crawling back to us wanting us to help you and vote straight ticket again…

    We vote ISSUES – Not party!

  24. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Yes he was Peach.

    Also, I was at the breakfast (before I went down to Tech for the Obama thing) and I did not see or hear anything that was hateful. Some of the faces that were there I had not seen in years, but that would be because of the exclusion of them from things by ASH or Marilyn. It was a good reunion, a good mesh of the old and new guards. Scott Johnson will be a good chairman. Please refrain from trying to tear down the party.

  25. Holly says:

    After the 12th and 3rd go red, I think the next would be the 2nd..but that one will be a fight for sure, and there isn’t a prayer until Sanford Bishop retires.

    Yep, but I think the same of the 3rd with Jim Marshall.

  26. Donovan Head says:

    Holly you are right, I think many people voted for Mac Collins that would have normally voted for Jim Marshall simply because they were woried that the race for the 3rd might have made the difference between a Speaker Hassert or Speaker Pelosi. Jim clearly won the debate I saw them in.

    I hear Ross Tolleson may run, and he is a pretty likeable guy and a pretty well known State Senator from Perry, so maybe we have a chance here.

  27. shep1975 says:

    I know Sue very well and have spent literally hours talking with her about the future of the GAGOP. Whenever I would seem to slam my head against the closed door at the State Party, I would be on the phone with Sue for 3 hours over it and we would figure out other ways to get things done.

    I supported Athony’s re-election 2 years ago as Cobb GOP Chairman and I can give him a little slack for the hard year he has been through, but when someone comes to their mass precinct meeting, stands up and talks about what a great grassroots leader he is and sits back down alone at the table, then he may be talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

    He has access to the voter vault. He could have (and should have) called everyone in his entire precinct who is a top GOP voter. He should have gone door-to-door to the ones close by.

    He may have done that, but I find it hard to believe that the county party chairman, running for state chairman, could not find one other person.

    I have not paid my dues to the Cobb GOP for two years, but I became concerned about the management of the funds once I really started paying attention.

    I did become a Cobb 100 member because Anthony asked, but I did not renew last year and have not yet, but I will if Scott continues the program.

    As for First Vice Chairman, I have endorsed Rob Doll. Nothing against Buzz or Bob, but as Chairman of the Muscogee County GOP, every Democrat carried Muscogee in 2002. In 2006, Sonny, Kathy Cox and Oxendine all won and Casey and Karen barely lost. You don’t do that without knowing how to put together a great grassroots organization.

  28. GOPeach says:


    I am not tearing down the party dear. I am merely stating what was told to me by someone from the State Party who was there and heard Millie make her little comment about the old guard being in control.

    I really think the old guard needs to REFRAIN from such juvenile comments. It is very destructive.

    I strongly suggest the new Cobb Leaders REFRAIN from kissing up to the Ma-Duh- Rats so much— They act is they are the only ones with money. lol

    Pro-Life Conservative have deep pockets too.
    Real deep,

  29. bowersville says:

    I know this is late, but don’t judge Bob Mathews by GOPeach. There is nothing the matter with Buzz, Bob, or Rob.

    I know Bob Mathews personally, he was born GOP and is a product of the 10th Congressional.

    You have to give Buzz credit, when everyone put pressure on him to endorse a candidate for the Lt. Gov., he stayed true to his chairmanship, and stayed neutral. Rob, I don’t know but will accept Shep’s at-ta boy.

    Simon, do some more research, you’ll be impressed with Bob Mathews. He is true to the GOP and has worked hard in the 10th, selflessly.

  30. GOPeach says:

    Amen Bower.

    Peach & Simon may not jive – lol
    ( understatement lol )

    But Bob Mathews and the State Executive Board is a match made in heaven!

  31. buzzbrockway says:


    I appreciate the kind words, however I must correct one thing in your statement. I did endorse Ralph Reed during the Lt. Governor’s race, however, I was not Chairman of the Gwinnett GOP at the time.

    My term ended in March of 2005. During my term as Chairman I did not endorse any candidates in contested Republican primaries – contrary to what some of GOPeach’s friends were saying at last month’s Gwinnett County Convention.

  32. GOPeach says:


    Thank you for supporting Ralph Reed –
    He is great… the best days the GOP ever had in GA.

    I suggest the new GA GOP leaders get in touch with Ralph Reed and get some grass roots tips!

  33. GOPeach says:

    Anthony Scott Hobbs –If you are reading this thread, I think you should know that you were a very good chairman and you brought a lot of great stuff to Georgia.

    I for one love/d your Citizen Georgia paper and your radio show. Pleese do not stop working in
    the media. That is where you are awesome.

    Oh- I heard you are getting married! That is wonderful! I hope you are able to heal from this
    nasty thread and bounce back soon!

    Please do not let the new leadership run you off –
    Stay connected!

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