Blogger day postponed

I just got a call from Rep. Ehrhart’s office. Since the House will be in session tomorrow, they are moving the blogging thing to next Wednesday. Call Rep. Ehrhart’s office if you have any questions.


  1. eehrhart says:


    Thank you for posting this and I am sorry we had to postpone. The original schedule called for us to be in recess Friday which is why I chose that day. Now we are in session. The tour I have in mind will not be as interesting if I am unable to take you guys into some of the restricted access areas.

    Again I apologize if the change ruins some peoples planning.

    I look forward to next Wednesday

  2. eehrhart says:

    Not eggs
    The standard house notion for our Senate friends is geritol……it helps keep them from sleeping during the important stuff!

  3. adamsmith4883 says:

    So, THAT was what was on that serving cart I saw this morning… Thanks for clearing that up for me, Chairman. 🙂

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