Whitehead secures his own immigration endorsement

With the Minuteman CDC having endorsed Bill Greene in the 10th CD race, Sen. Whitehead has turned to a couple other notables to back his immigration bona fides: Dustin Inman Society President D.A. King, and consultant and activist Phil Kent.

Whitehead will formally accept their endorsements on Thursday at the state capitol.


  1. GOPaide says:

    I drove by Bill Greene’s headquarters….and everything looks like its been taken out of the HQ….called the HQ number and no one answers…coincidence? I think not…

  2. Holly says:

    Huh, how odd. Greene’s web site is still up, and he’s got an event this weekend.

    But we’ve had this rumor before.

    Now to ask a question relevant to the post: what is Phil Kent doing with himself these days?

  3. waterboy says:

    D.A. King and Phil Kent = who cares

    Just a couple of talking heads that are self-appointed experts on immigration when, in fact, they have done nothing to impact federal legislation on the matter. Maybe phil will name himself as a “winner of the week” for such an endorsement! Whitehead can do better and doesn’t need these losers.

  4. bowersville says:

    Yesterday I read in the AJC, Political Insider in an article titled “Senate caught doing Something…” The article mentions Richardson and the Senate giving cover for Whitehead.

    What is this about and has anybody heard of Richardson trying to weigh into the 10th Congressional race?

  5. Holly says:


    The following is all I could find in the AJC online about Jim Whitehead from the past couple of days:

    DOT gets more leeway to make deals with no bids

    The Georgia Senate on Tuesday approved House Bill 192, a measure that would raise the contract amount where the Department of Transportation has to put a contract out to bid from $50,000 to $100,000.

    Under that amount, DOT would be able to negotiate a contract with the contractor of its choice.

    A spokesman for the DOT, which pushed the bill, said that the cost of some materials had doubled in recent years, and putting relatively small, simple projects out to bid didn’t bring in much competition but still used a lot of staff and resources. David Spear, the spokesman, said the dollar threshold was last raised in 1999.

    “All it’s doing is raising the bar because everything has gone up in price,” said Sen. Jim Whitehead (R-Evans), who carried the bill in the Senate. The measure passed 45 to 1. It passed the House in February.

    Sen. Regina Thomas (D-Savannah) cast the only dissenting vote against the measure. She asked Whitehead whether there were any minority set-asides in DOT contracts affected by the bill. Whitehead said he did not know, but would get back to her with an answer.

  6. bowersville says:

    Look in the archive section of the political insider, ajc. Article is titled “Senate caught doing something, we don’t know what.”

    Sorry, I couldn’t get the link to work, I must be doing something wrong.

  7. Holly says:

    Thanks, Bowersville. I read it, but the post was as clear as mud. . . probably because Richardson was as clear as mud.

    Here’s the link, if anyone else is interested.

  8. bowersville says:

    Yes and Richardson needs to keep his “clear as mud” under the Gold Dome and out of the 10th race. This district is too important for the Republicans for him to muddy up the water.

  9. bowersville says:

    No, just in the local party. I was thinking about asking you the same. We are having our meeting this Saturday, which is early, due to the district meeting on the 21st.

    I may attend as a guest, I don’t know yet.

  10. GOPeach says:


    I was sent an ivitation to a joint fundraiser-
    Dr. Paul Braun and Congressman Tancredo.

    Looks like a match to me….
    I will be backing them both!

  11. GOPeach says:

    I was just forwarded this :

    This man Whitehead betrayed our property rights by switching from being a
    co-sponsor & supporter of SB 86, that was a good public use only bill, to Sonny’s (an FTAA supporter) HR 1306 once Richardson killed HB 87/ SB 86 in the House by switching to the dark side and voting against Chapman’s, Pearson”s amendment to correct HR 1306, by voting like my Democratic Senator, Doug Stoner and voting NO to that amendment! Please read the attached links I will send you on the specific votes and ask yourself can you trust this man to carry the water when we need him? Respectfully, Bill Adams

  12. Holly says:

    Bowersville, I am. If you do go, please introduce yourself. I’m the only Holly in the Columbia County crowd.

    Also, Peach, Broun is with an O, not an A. 🙂

  13. bowersville says:

    Peach, please remind me when you started voting in the 10th? Who did you endorse for the Cobb chairmanship and become the kiss of death?

  14. Holly says:

    Perhaps it’s just not online yet, but I can’t find a HB 1306 at the Georgia General Assembly’s Senate Votes page, nor can I call it up in the legislation section.

  15. SevenHillsDem says:

    The GOP candidates in this race seem to be finding a way to out-racist each other.

    Whitehead’s comment about blowing up UGA was pretty funny, and really just shows that he’s as ignorant and as much of a blowhard as one would think he is.

    His letter to Nancy Pelosi had to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Gee, nothing says “Let’s Take Action On Immigration” like a letter asking her to delay the vote until the 10th elects a new Congressman. Aren’t there enough anti-immigrant xenophobes to fill that void?

  16. GOPeach says:


    I am not VOTING in the 10th dear
    Just sending money that way for the sake of America.

    Also… Who I supported for Cobb Chair was a wonderful candidate and would have done a great job.

    Even Scott Johnson said this and meant it.

  17. GOPeach says:

    7 Hills Dem-

    Dr. Paul Broun’s father was a son of the late Senator Paul Broun (D) who served for 38 years in the General Assembly.

    His strong conservative veiws appeal to both democrats and republicans!

  18. bowersville says:

    Peach, I was teasing you, I remember it being reported here on the Pundit what Scott Johnson said and I believe him, but you are backing the wrong horse.

    Paul Broun, Jr. is a good man and so was his father. But I believe Doctor Broun ran for congress before and didn’t get anywhere. The Dems aren’t going to vote for him, they’ll go with Marlow and failing that, a few will go with Holley.

  19. bowersville says:

    GOP candidates in this race….”out-racist, ignorant, blowhard, stupidest, anti-immigrant,” and the big word “xenophobes.”


    I guess if you’re a Democrat and have nothing intelligent to add, resort to name calling.

    BTW, my ancestors were foreigners.

  20. bowersville says:

    Peach, I just looked over the Broun website. It didn’t have any info on the Tancredo/Broun fundraiser.

    Where is it and who’s sponsoring it?

  21. GOPeach says:


    That info is classified for now.
    I am going to be a sponsor of the event.
    Once all the sponsors are in place the event will be made known to everyone else.

  22. GOPeach says:

    “As a devout Christian, father, and grandfather, I am a strong believer in the right to life for the unborn child. For years, activist judges have undermined life. As president, I would stop this by appointing strict constructionists as judges, reining in the power of the judiciary, and supporting constitutional amendments that
    respect life.”

    Congressman [President] Tom Tancredo

  23. GOPeach says:

    ” I support a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Unfortunately, every state in the union is now just one court ruling from being force-fed a new definition of marriage. If Congress does not act, people like San Francisco’s mayor and a few judges in Massachusetts will be able to dictate to the entire country what does and does not constitute marriage.

    To impose gay marriage on Americans through judicial fiat flies in the face of both traditional American values and the time-honored tenets of American federalism.”

    Congressman [President] Tom Tancredo

  24. Holly says:

    Okay, not to be a pain in the rear, but this thread was originally about Jim’s new immigration endorsements, so I’m going to pull it back in that direction.

    Now that I know that the bill was HB 1306 in 2006, and not HB 1306 for this year, I’ve looked it up. This is the link to it. Jim voted against it once, then for it as amended – and it passed the Senate 52 – 2.

  25. jsm says:

    For those of you interested, Bill Greene will be talking to Martha Zoller sometime this morning on AM550 in Gainesville. Listen online at http://www.wdun.com, but I warn you that the live internet feed isn’t all that great.

  26. Tommy_a2b says:

    The 9th Congressional District is very lucky to have 3 very good candidates in that race. I like Bill Greene, Dr. Paul Broun, and Sen Whitehead. Josh thanks for letting me know Bill is on with “Marrrrrtha.”

  27. Kepper says:

    Well, from what I understand, (regarding SB 86, HR 13) Senator Whitehead backed Governor Perdue’s position on eminent domain. I think these criticisms are from an ultra radical position that was soundly defeated by the Republican majority as totally out of the mainstream. So, you are going to have to come up with something better than that.
    Do us a favor, Peach. Don’t be cheap and post your post-Broun propaganda on a thread regarding Jim Whitehead. I think most people here are smart enough to avoid sub-liminal messages.

  28. SevenHillsDem says:

    Whitehead was quoted at the UGA College Republicans meeting last night as saying that we need to get leaders with gray areas out of office.

    Does this guy have one shred of intellect? Doesn’t he understand that in a closely divided government that you have to have deal in gray areas to get anything accomplished?

    It would be a disservice to the people of the 10th district to send this guy to Congress so he can vote like an ideologue and bring no money or influence to the table as the lowest-ranked member of Congress in terms of power and seniority.

    Paul Broun, Sr. the state Senator was a very moderate and decent man, but his son’s campaign material is far from that.

    Paul Jr’s campaign is receiving support among Athens Republicans on name ID alone and has nothing to do with his immigration agenda.

  29. Holly says:

    SevenHillsDem, after talking to people who attended the meeting last night, it seems what Jim Whitehead said was that we need people in office who have strong moral values so they cannot be swayed once in Washington. I hardly think that makes him an ideologue.

  30. bowersville says:

    I just checked the UGA College Republican website and I didn’t find a write up on the meeting with Whitehead, only an announcement.

    So even at accepting SHD at his/her word, there is no reason that I can think of why anyone should sell out the values of the 10th district and operate in the gray areas simply to bring home pork.

    Another counter, anyone elected in the 10th will be the lowest ranking in terms of power and seniority. So I don’t understand your point.

    Marlow is presenting himself as a moderate, ie blue dog, on his website. If you wish to claim Marlow, et al, as blue dog, he will have absolutely no power in a Pelosi Congress. Blue dogs are Congressmen in name only.

    Unless of course, they are willing to operate in the gray and bring home money for peanut storage on a military appropriations bill, as another D Congressman from Georgia has been willing to do.

    As far as Broun Jr., I don’t know the sincerity of his literature. It sounds too rhetorical to me.

  31. bowersville says:

    Side note: Did anyone besides me see a thread that disappeared by Jeff Emanuel speculating on how many of the gazillion in this race will actually qualify? Or was I seeing things?

  32. bowersville says:

    And ends on the 26th at $50 less than $5K. I’m curious as to why Jeff took the article down.

    I would like to see the speculation, or close representatives of the candidates come on here and say, we’re in or out. Especially those outside the district.

    BTW, I can’t make the 10th mtg. I have a prior commitment for the ROTC program at NGCSU in Dahlonega on the same date and the time frame is too close.

  33. GOPeach says:

    I think people are very tired of having candidates crammed down our throats that a select few FEEL COMFY with…

    I like the candidates that ROCK THE BOAT and who are PRINCIPLED not merely PRAGMATIC!

  34. Demonbeck says:

    I keep reading the headline and thinking, “Geez, it would be real embarrassing if the man couldn’t secure an endorsement from himself.”

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