Leaving in droves.

Decaturguy pointed out last week that Jim Wooten and Tom Baxter are leaving the AJC. Now it appears they won’t be alone as 43 of the 80 offered buyouts will avail themselves of that option. Can’t say I blame ’em.

Most of those who have accepted the buyout will leave the newspaper on June 30, but some may be asked to stay longer to help provide continuity for the paper, spokeswoman Mary Dugenske said.

The voluntary buyouts were presented to employees who are at least 55 years old and have more than 10 years at the paper.

There will be no involuntary layoffs. Some staffers who remain may be asked to take on new roles at the paper, Dugenske said.

The newspaper has said it plans to revamp its operations, including cutting its circulation area and focusing more on digital news.

Employees who opted to take the buyout will receive two weeks of pay for each year worked at the paper, up to 52 weeks.


  1. Bill Hagan says:

    You can say what you want about Tom but he is one of the best reporters in this state. I can’t blame him for wanting to retire but he will be missed. Without him at the AJC, people will just have Peach Pundit, which is just fine with me. Welcome to the new media.

    It funny how the mainstream media hates Peach pundit because they tend to get the story first. When Bush’d first vist for Mac was reported by Peach Pundit. Neither Travis Fain nor Ben Evans at the AP wanted to quote a “Blog”. The White House won’t let me confirm the visit at that time so when the press called me for confirmation I simply pointed out that the Pundit is rarely wrong. Their response was that we can quote a blog. I point out that Peach Pundit breaks more local story then any newspaper in this state.

  2. GAWire says:

    Btw, I’ve already claimed the tagline above, so if the AJC tries to use it, then I will file suit and no one will even have to worry about “voluntary layoffs” or “restructuring”

  3. Bill Hagan says:


    That would be great if the AJC was honest for once. Heck they still haven’t settled with Richard Jewell for trying to ruin his life.

  4. GAWire says:

    I don’t know, Bill … maybe that’s the cause of all this “restructuring” (poor management be damned)

  5. Erick says:

    Thanks for the kind words. To be fair, Travis would have gladly quoted Peach Pundit. It was the higher ups that prevented him. The local radio, however, was quite okay with quoting us.

    Sad really.

  6. Bill Hagan says:

    I have no doubt about that. Travis is one of the best reporters they have. But the editors above him are a bunch of morons. Travis maybe a liberal but he is fair and tough. He should find himself a better newspaper to work for.

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