Be Sure To Check Out Rep. Ehrhart’s Comments

Here. He expects to move forward on both SB10 and HB400 and also explains what’s up with the Rules Committee — his explanation makes a lot of sense and is less sinister than the one Senate guys are push on me.


  1. dingleberry says:


    As the proprieter of two of the most well-renouned blogs in the country, you can’t be that d*mn gullible. Of course Ehrhart tried to downplay the BS that he and the rest of the house leadership are trying to pull. And that surprises you? Moreover, that suprises you to the point where you actually believe him?

    Sure, these two bills might pass, but that is ONLY because of the public outrage that Richardson and his band of merry fools (Ehrhart included) incited.

    Apparently, the house leadership needs to have it’s hand held and walked through EVERYTHING. The leading house members have showed nothing but incompetence.

    Now Erick, I know you told me that Ehrhart deserves some respect, and that’s fine. I’m sure he’ll get more than his fill of respect from you. But as far as this piece of dump that hangs from butt hair is concerned (hence the name dingleberry), Ehrhart needs to do something to EARN my respect.

  2. ugavi says:

    Both the house and the senate – Casey and Glenn are acting like teenage jocks. As a republican I have to say it is sad to watch.

    Both of them should focus on their current jobs and quick running for Gov.

  3. bowersville says:

    Good grief, this went on between Tom Murphy and Zell Miller every legislative session. It would have gone on between Richardson & Taylor, but Taylor was irrelevant because, among other things, the Senate rules.

    The difference here is that so many outside the Gold Dome got very vocally and very verbally involved and now it’s a fight to the political death.

    If SB10/HB400 do not pass, the only ones that will be happy are the teachers associations & Democrats.

  4. Jason Pye says:

    Is the House playing games? I would say yes.

    There have been 129 House bills that have been passed by the Senate and sent to the Governor.

    However, the House has only passed five Senate bills, one of which was passed today.

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