The Easy Guide to the Budget Battle

More than half the pork stays in = House wins.

Less than half the port stays in = Senate wins.

50/50 = draw.

No budget and House leaves = Senate wins.

Why? Because the Senate intends to exert itself as an equal player on the budget. They don’t get to originate it, but they can make it their own. The House intends to make it clear that it is in charge of the budget. Too much give and the House concedes otherwise.

UPDATED: Icarus makes a good point in the comments:

Governor calls special session = Governor wins. Of course, given how much the Governor and House have been in sync over the budget, if that happens without strong Senate PR first it becomes:

Special Session w/o Senate PR = Casey loses.


  1. Icarus says:

    I generally agree with your above assessment, but there’s one more player that gets a say in this, and that’s the Governor.

    Just suppose, the Senate gives in so as to avoid the expense of a special session. The Governor has a line item veto, doesn’t he?

    Now, I doubt he’d veto Kia or “Go Fish”, but he may want to make a point with some of the other items. Then again, if he doesn’t, he’s making another point entirely.

  2. Icarus says:

    ….And the answer is,

    D – None of the above. Governor screws up everything so bad that no one remembers whether to blame the house or the Senate for the total FUBAR that was the 2007 General Assembly.

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