One budget battle is over, now the next one begins…

,,,Here’s what InsiderAdvantage is reporting:

The ball has taken a lot of crazy bounces today, but all signs point to the House-Senate impasse over the midyear budget being over. It will end in a compromise allowing both chambers to claim credit with the conservative base for refunding $142 million to taxpayers as an extra boost to their annual homeowners’ tax credit. We expect confirmation at a 10:15 p.m. news conference.

Now there’s some fiscal responsibility for you. Spend only what you need, and give the rest back to the people.

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  1. Donkey Kong says:

    I thought Speaker Richardson’s remarks just released were interesting:

    “The House position all along has been that we wanted to give money back to the people of Georgia, whether that be in the form of needed local projects such as economic development, natural resource preservation, or local infrastructure improvements. When it became clear that the Senate did not share our point of view and still wanted to shift the same amount of funding to the ’08 budget, we decided to refund the money directly back to the taxpayers,” said Richardson. “We thank the Senate for seeing our point of view.”

    Now, I haven’t been following this too closely, so I might be mistaken. But how is this a win for the House? Or, as Richardson says, “our point of view?” It seems the House was pushed around a bit by the Senate, and for good reason. Thankfully, they came around and did the right thing by giving the money back to us, though a decrease in our income taxes would have been preferable to a home ownership tax exemption. But, despite the jab at the Senate in this release, it seems to me the the Senate, which held more closely to its conservative roots, won the day.

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