Calling a Bluff Or Raising Stakes?

Tom Crawford is reporting that the Speaker intends to leave the legislature on a date certain with or without a budget deal. This puts the issue firmly in the hands of the Senate.

Were I the Senate. I’d pass their budget, shove it into the hands of the House, and say “okay.” When the House acts recalcitrant and shoves back their budget, the Senate should shove back again. Keep putting it back in the House’s hands and mock them each. The Housies can’t take the mocking because they have an inferiority complex already at being called the Lower House.

The Senate will win the PR battle (though restoring the KIA funding would help them there) if they make the case that the House wants to go hog wild on a mid year supplemental needed to fund emergencies. Let the House then explain the emergencies they intend to fix with their pork.

The media got the meta-narrative from the 2006 election — the public is tired of pork. They’ll be predisposed to report anything beyond the necessaries as pork, which will put the media framed narrative much closer to the Senate than the House.

Come on Casey. Batter up.


  1. Mad Dog says:

    Playing poker or running a state government?

    Looks like the media is running the government and the GOP playing cards with half a deck, again.

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