Cong. Price: “The Party of Firsts”

Over at RedState, Congressman Tom Price has an article about the Democrat’s proposed Federal budget:

On the floor of the House of Representatives last month, Democrats held a vote on their 2008 budget proposal. The majority’s leadership was extremely proud of how they plan to balance the federal budget by 2012. They painted a lovely picture of billions more in new spending, promising the American people a bigger government machine. Unfortunately, they sold a bag of false goods to the American people.

Conspicuously absent from the Democrat talking points is any mention of how they plan to address the looming entitlement crisis facing this country. This matter is apparently not a priority – unless it is to add millions more in taxpayer money! Similarly absent from their side of the aisle is an honest declaration that this majority is committed to implementing a $400 billion tax hike – the largest tax increase in American history.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    Congressman Price is in no position to complain about legislative action done by congress (however erroneous it may be).

    He and the rest of the GOP did nothing except spend tax dollars.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    Seriously. The Dems will address the “looming entitlement crisis” by doing the same thing you did, Congressman Price: nothing.

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    At this point, actions speak louder than words. Until the GOP can show that they can actually excercise fiscal restraint, instead of simply talking about it, then nobody will listen to them calling out the Democrats on spending.

    Then again, had they exercised some fiscal restraint in the past 6years, they could well be in a position not to have to.

  4. StevePerkins says:

    This kind of thread warms my heart… to see partisans taking their own to task and not give them an endless free pass due to party affiliation.

    Just as a topic of conversation, for here or the next open thread… how long do you think it will be before the GOP rebuilds some credibility on fiscal responsibility? I mean, being out of power, there’s not much they can do themselves… it’s more a question of how long will it take before the Democrats squander any credibility and give the Republicans an opening. I predict that 2008 is too soon… but after the Dems spend two years with one-party rule, the GOP will appear more sensible come the ’10 midterms.

  5. Doug Deal says:


    That is why I dislike the Republican orders of magnitude less than the Dem’s. The GOP at least has dissent from reasonable people, while the only Dem dissent comes when their excesses have not gone far enough.

  6. Mad Dog says:

    The Party of Firsts

    First President forced from office: Nixon

    First Speaker of the House fined $300,000 for ethics violations: Gingrich

    First Divorced President: Reagan

    First Presidential Astrologer: Nancy Reagan

    First Trillion Dollar Debt: Reagan

    First President to overspend 4 Trillion Dollars in Deficit spending: Bush

    First Party to have a Presidential Candidate with two ex-wives: Giulani

    First Party on an Air Craft Carrier to celebrate Mission Accomplished: GOP

    First Party to impeach a President over a blow job: GOP

    Tom Price and the GOP. They were first to put the voter last.

  7. Federalist says:

    You fogot:
    First GA Gov. fined for ethics violations: Perdue
    First VP to shoot a GOP trial attorney: Cheney
    First Governor elected that was in the movie Predator: Schwarzenegger
    First President to arm Al-Qaeda: Reagan
    First President to arm Taliban: Reagan
    First Sec. of Def. to sell nuclear technology to N. Korea: Rumsfeld
    First Party to steal a presidential election: GOP
    First candidate to lose to a dead man: Ashcroft
    First candidate to get caught with a “caging” list: George w. Bush
    Mad Dog, the highest form of flattery is imitation. This list could go on forever, but your final line can not be reworded any better.
    “They were first to put the voter last.”

  8. Bill Simon says:

    SPEAKING of Dems who are unable to ever demonstrate “dissent” with their own ranks, let me introduce you folks to Mad Dog and “Federalist” (sic)…two of the whiniest, whackjob Democrats on this blog.

  9. Doug Deal says:


    Yeah, to them Clinton did not do anything wrong, his people acted with explicit ethics, Jimmy Carter has not lost his mind, and the Dem’s were not thrown out of office in 1994 because of ethics that would make an Enron executive think twice.

    Absolute faith and belief in 100% of your party’s members, actions and platform is a sign of a zealot who is replacing what others have found in religion with politics. No where is there reason.

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