NTU gets involved in budget fight

According to the Political Insider, the National Taxpayers Union has jumped into the Georgia budget battle on the side of Casey Cagle and the State Senate:

“Many members of the Assembly spent years campaigning on the reduction or elimination of the supplemental budget.

“Unfortunately, some have allowed the trappings of office and the appeal of pork to change their minds.

“Our members, however, have not changed their minds and believe that this supplemental should not be used as an excuse to propagate wasteful spending.”

The spendthrifts in the House Republican leadership should be taking note. Republicans are not invincible in this state, despite what you may think, and if you cannot get in gear to cut spending and shrink the role of government in the lives individuals then it’s really only a matter of time before you wind up just like your national counterparts.


  1. dingleberry says:

    Unfortunately, as long as idiots like Richardson, Keen, Harbin, and Erhart are running things in the house, nothing fiscally responsible will EVER come out of the assembly…

  2. Holly says:

    Harry, thanks for that link. I remember when I was working on a state House campaign, that one of my jobs was to go through the state budget and highlight “frivilous” expenditures by the House and Senate. Of course, this was back in the day when Democrats ruled, and my candidate was a Republican. Sadly, though, I could do the same exercise five years later – with the Republicans in charge of the Senate and the House – and still find those “frivilous” things. It’s disheartening.

  3. EducationMan says:

    The House has voted to limit Peachcare enrollment to those most in need and to stop class size reductions in high school.

    These are both tangible and large budget savings and not abstractions. Let’s see if the Senate passes both of these bills. If the Senate does not, then the true fiscal conservatives are in the House.

  4. rugby_fan says:

    While trying to save the image I noticed the title of the .gif is ga pork small.

    Is there a larger version? One that could, perhaps be my desktop background?

  5. Hotstetter says:

    I think if you will research voting records on past budgets, you will find that those senators you speak so highly of were “pork” fans themselves. I’d analyze the entire situation before putting them up on a pedestal.

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