Who is on the Committee?

After the fraud fiasco that was the Fulton County GOP Convention, a special Executive Committee meeting will be held on Friday, April 13, 2007, at 7:00 p.m. in the Roswell City Hall. The meeting will be to discuss what happened at the Fulton County GOP Convention.

Now, of course, folks are going to have figure out if they are on the Executive Committee. Will the Chairman, who could be deposed due to the events at the meeting, give out all the names? This could be fun.


  1. DMZDave says:

    Not sure what the right outcome should be of the meeting of the Executive Committee but based on the behavior, one thought might be to simply change sides and re-name of the organization Fulton County RINO’s because they sure acted like Democrats. As they say if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. The behavior of the people running the show at the Fulton County Republican Convention was completely and thoroughly reminiscent of the worst behavior of Democrats.

    First you had everyone stand and applaud a great speech by Senator Johnny Isakson in which he detailed all the things he is fighting for in Washington including the importance of protecting the secret ballot for union members. Senator Isakson is fighting against the Democrats who apparently don’t believe in the importance of the secret ballot if it harms the unions ability to recruit. Then, to my amazement, the leadership of the Fulton County Party and elected officials in supprt of Mike, almost to a person, stood up and voted against a secret ballot for the election of the Chairman. Presumably the ability of union leaders to pressure members is a good thing when practiced by Fulton County Republican Party Leaders. Seriously, almost all of our elected officials, publicly committed to Mike, voted against a secret ballot because presumably without the ability to publicly pressure people, they seemed afraid of the outcome. One supporter of Mike’s sitting near me said “I don’t see why a secret ballot is so important” To which I replied “uh,it is a basic tenet of our democratic process?” OK, if you are explaining the importance of a the secret ballot to a bunch of Republicans, you can be forgiven for thinking you may be in the wrong room and have entered a Democratic County Convention.

    Oh well, once the powers that be lost the vote on the secret ballot, they tried another trick from the Democratic rule book, steal ballots and allow unqualified voters to cast votes.
    Republicans lost the majorities in the House and Senate in Congress primarily because many behaved like the Fulton County Party Leadership behaved at the Fulton County Convention – behavior that mirrored the behavior of the Democratic majority for 40 years prior to 1994. I personally came away disgusted and frustrated by what I saw. The Fulton County Republican Party should be a beacon of honesty and Republican values but it would seem many in the room were unclear on what those values are.

    To be sure, there were bright spots Chief among them were the speeches by Rep. Tom Price and Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson. They all represent the best of Republican politics and values but once they left the room, the leadership returned to the power over principles approach to doing business.

    Finally when the situation deteriorated and tempers flared, Shawn Hanley boldly stepped forward, took the microphone from a befuddled Wendell Willard and reminded everyone what Marines (he is one) mean when they say “Semper Fidelis.” Shawn tried to demonstrate that value by advocating unity and graciously accepting the questionable outcome and in doing so publicly shamed those who were responsible for the debacle we had all witnessed.

    I am pained to even write this account of events at the convention. I always thought of Mike as a hardworking, decent guy and still prefer to believe that he did not personally condone or encourage the behavior that occured on his behalf but he was the Chairman and he has to accept the responsbility for the events that day. He now has to fix things and sometimes the best way to fix a situation is to recognize that you have become part of the problem. Maybe he should take a page from Shawn’s playbook and demonstrate that he does indeed embrace Republican principles and the real fight should be waged against Democrats in the next election cycle. I also believe that Rep. Wendell Willard is a decent, honest man who unfortunately made some bad decisions that day. Again, Chairman Willard strayed from good Republican principles when he ruled against allowing delegates to hear both candidates for the position of Chairman speak. There is no way to put a happy face on that decision. As a named supporter of Mike’s, Chairman Willard had a responsibility to bend over backwards to ensure the process was fair and the playing field was level. He failed to do that, though to be fair, he was reportedly thrust into the unenviable position of chairing the process at the last minute. What we should now expect and demand from Chairman Willard, Mike Dvorscak and the Executive Committe is a recognition that on several levels they failed the membership of the Republican party of Fulton County and we should expect a public recommitment to Republican values – the secret ballot, the right to hear from candidates, the right to fair and honest elections and the certain knowledge that when votes are counted, those who participated in the process can feel with some degree of certainty that the candidate who prevailed is the candidate that deserved to prevail based on ballots cast by qualified voters.

    The future of the Republican Party of Fulton County is now in the hands of the Executive Committee. I would not want their job. My hope is that they will reaffirm a commitment to principle above power and that they are “semper fi” to the values of the Republican party.

  2. atlantaman says:

    Your union thug analogy is a great one. It would have been hilarous to see everyone cheering Isakson on for his stand against the public union votes and a few minutes later watch the same people vote for a public vote to intimidate a bunch of little ladies into voting for Dvorsack.

    As a side note, since the whole convention was structured to get Mike elected, I’ve been told there was never any vote on the State Convention delegate and alternate lists. So the Fulton Delegation has effectively been neutered at the State Convention. Sure they’ll be allowed to vote if it’s for something non-controversial or if the election is so lopsided it doesn’t matter, but if there is a close election (where the Fulton delegation’s vote actually mattered) the losing candidate would have Fulton’s vote thrown out so quickly it will make your head spin.

    The irony is that during the 2006 General Election, Dvorsack authorized and paid for a mail piece to run in the non-partisan Milton elections that stated, “Democrats win elections by lying and stealing.” This was during the whole Franklin / Eaves racist radio ad debacle and Mike’s blunder shut the whole national furor down giving the moral high ground back to Shirley.

    It’s getting even more hilarious. Dvorsack knows there are some folks who want to overturn the recent election results. So he schedules an ambiguous meeting, not mentioning there could be a vote on overturning the election, for a Friday night at 7:00 pm (just what everyone wants to be doing after the work-week).

    He’s not giving anyone access to the Executive Committee list as he “innocently” collects proxy votes from people who would rather be at home with their families after fighting Friday night rush-hour traffic.

    So here is a preview of what will happen Friday night. Dvorsack will be in charge of the proceedings to evaluate whether he abused his power during the previous proceedings he was in charge of. If there is a vote to overturn the election Dvorsack will probably have more proxy votes in his back pocket than people attending the meeting.

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