Praise for Lance

I’ve got to give it to Lance Randall. I said not too long ago that I was leaning toward supporting Robert Reichert in the mayoral race in Macon. He seemed to be getting good support across the community, etc. This even though I had originally been leaning to support Lance — in fact I had told Lance he could count on me.

Well, Lance got off to a rough start in his campaign. And then? Nothing. I had really gotten the impression that Lance just might back out of it. I knew there was pressure for him to get out and to get Robert Brown in.

Lance did an admirable thing — he called. We had a long chat. We discussed the ups and downs of the campaign, where he’s headed, etc. I admit I’m a sucker for when people do that and more so when people who don’t have to do that, do that. Lance has convinced me he is in this thing to win, whether Robert Brown gets in or not. So I’m going to be definitive and say I’m willing to help Lance and I’m willing to vote for Lance. He assures me he’s in the race for the long haul, he’s not going to quit, and that’s just what I was hoping to hear. Lance has my vote, but more importantly, he’s got my support.

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  1. Bugapash says:

    You sure know which side YOUR bread is buttered on, don’t you? And aren’t you a member of the republican party–in fact, their general counsel?

    Tell me this: how do you get away with being so spineless and turning coats, again and agian, toward whoever has the biggest wallet?

    There’s something to be said for loyalty–or at least there used to be.

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