Congrats to Buzz!

Another reason to support Buzz for first Vice Chair:The State Ethics Commission is going after Mark Taylor thanks to Buzz.

The State Ethics Commission decided Thursday that it had enough evidence to consider allegations that former Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor’s gubernatorial campaign took illegal contributions from a company and failed to fully identify other donors.

The commission dismissed more than 40 other complaints against Taylor, who ran unsuccessfully against Gov. Sonny Perdue last year.

A former lawyer for Perdue helped draw up the complaints against Taylor.

The commission found probable cause to hold a full-scale hearing on 10 counts, most of them alleging that Taylor didn’t adequately identify contributions from political action committees. Taylor’s campaign listed the PACs by commonly known acronyms in some cases.


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    I’m glad they’re moving forward but I was disappointed they threw out the “field expenses” parts of the complaint. Apparently, since they were over three years old they’re no longer subject to scrutiny by the Ethics Commission.

  2. SevenHillsDem says:

    Get over it. You guys won. It’s over. You buried Mark Taylor’s political career. What the hell are you trying to prove? Oh, wait, let me guess, it’s about making a moral point. That’s such crap.

    I’m so sorry they threw out the “field expenses” part. That must really sting.

    Most normal, sane, rational people drop this pedantic nonsense after they win an election. But I suppose the election important here is not for Governor, but for First Vice Chair of the Georgia GOP.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    Mark Taylor is a vindictive worthless, piece of political dog squeaze. He deserves much worse than he is getting.

    7Hills, You seem to forge the years of Democratic belly-aching after Bush was elected in 2000. I hated bush from the first primary until his election, and that hatred continues and gets worse every day. Yet you crazed Democrats could do nothing more than make me defend him with their “unelected” nonsense.

  4. Federalist says:

    Well, of the two, Sonny is the only to actually have been convicted of an ethics violation, so really…who is the “better” man? This is such nonsense, what possible punishment could Taylor suffer? This is another example of GOP hopefuls and office holders wasting scarce government resources. The costs to the state for holding these hearings far exceeds any amount they will receive in fines, if Taylor is convicted. Speaking of ethics violations and office holders, what has happened to the Oaky Woods scandal?

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