Its not the Senate pulling the strings

The AJC Political Insider had two posts today about the budget fight between the House and Senate. In the first one they open with:

Republicans are taking this state House-Senate budget fight to lengths we never saw under Democrats.

Participants in the state Capitol tussle are bringing in outsiders. They’re bringing in The Base.

Their second post (Taking a private fight public: Senate Republicans call in the fiscal hard-cores ) makes the same incorrect assumption: that it is Senate Republicans who are behind this grassroots up swell.

As the co-author of the RLC release (thanks for the help Jason) I can tell you that I only courtesy copied it to three officials before I sent it out. There was, and still is, a concern on my part that these efforts might backfire and put the Senate in an awkward position.

However I decided it was a calculated risk that we needed to take. I and many others are convinced that the main reason the GOP lost the Congress was the ridiculous spending of our brethren in Washington. What we as fiscal conservatives dubbed “the bridge to nowhere” turned out to be a bridge to the minority. If you want someone to blame for the problems funding our mission in Iraq, take it up with Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK). As Georgia Republicans we cannot allow the same fate to befall us here.

Americans for Prosperity and the Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia both mobilized, not at the behest of the Senate leadership, but in response to their leadership. Lt. Governor Cagle is spending political capital defending the taxpayer and he and the rest of the Senate need to know that the base supports their efforts.

You can find the RLC Action alert here.

And as an aside, I’m honored to be posting here, and promise I won’t be posting Fred Thompson press-releases verbatim. 🙂


  1. tony r says:

    I agree with chris that gross overspending by gopers was a big part of why we lost congress.

    So the senate should be commended for passing chip rogers’ legislation to truly limit budget and spending growth.

    But it should not be for this shell game they’re playing with the budget. Jim wooten called it right when he called this a no win situation for everyone.

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