AFP e-mail on SR 20 and SB 12

The Georgia chapter of Americans for Prosperity have sent out an e-mail blast on two legislative issues currently before the Georgia General Assembly:

Urban Myths Emanating From Our State Capitol

You’ve heard of urban myths – the stories that get started by some creative soul, then repeated and forwarded around until even reasonable people start to believe them. (A great source for debunking or confirming those urban myths is Consider this your Snopes – type report for the GA SR 20 / Colorado TABOR rumor collection making its way around the Georgia Capitol these days.

In the meantime, please call your State Representative and ask them to get SR 20 onto the House floor for a debate and vote. It’s presently being held hostage in the House Ways and Means Committee. Click here for your Rep. and Ways and Means Committee members:


1. GA SR 20 will bankrupt GA government and cause many essential services to be under funded.

2. GA SR 20 is the same bill as Colorado’s TABOR, which ruined the state government and caused the Republican majority to be replaced by a Democratic majority.

3. GA SR 20 will limit the ability of the Legislature to create a budget.

4. GA SR 20 would immobilize funds in an emergency.

Action Alert! Please call your State Representative now to support Zero-Based Budgeting!

SB 12, the Zero-Based Budgeting bill, passed the Georgia Senate with a unanimous vote of 52-0 and is awaiting action in the House. It’s been assigned to the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight Committee. The members are: Rep. Richard Royal, Rep. Bobby Reese, Rep. Jimmy Pruett, Rep. Amy A. Carter, Rep. Hardie Davis, Rep. Calvin Hill, and Rep. Chuck Martin.

If your Representative is on the Committee, ask them to vote to move it to the House floor for a vote. If your Representative is not on the Committee, ask them to contact the members to get the bill out. Remember to tell them that you are from their district, but always be polite and non-threatening.

This commonsense bill requires that every budgeted entity justify its existence every four years with measurable data, and justify each dollar spent (as opposed to the “How much more do you need this year?” method). No matter who’s in charge of the Governor’s office or the legislature, the process would be the same, so this is an investment in our future. Each agency would be required to submit budget requests at three funding levels and a list of organizational priorities.

To read the bill, please click on

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  1. If I had to choose, SB 12 seems to be much more preferable. I don’t like the idea of constitutionally limiting our legislators which is what the other bill does. If the public wants the legislature to spend more or less they can vote in a better* legislature.

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