Tomorrow’s Chip Rogers: Let them bring their gun inside.

Chip Rogers has I think a curious interpretation of SB 43 which when taken to its logical conclusion would call for an even more intrusive bill (as far as employers are concerned).

Rogers states:

“The measure intends to prohibit “employers” from establishing an employment policy, which would effectively allow firearms in a public access parking lot for everyone except the “employee” who has it locked in a private vehicle.”

To all of Georgia’s insta-Jack Bauers, what Chip is essentially saying is that if you work at, let’s just randomly say a day trading firm, and you are not allowed to bring your gun to work and stow it safely in your car, someone else (a customer, for example) isn’t prevented by your employer from brining their gun, and you’ll need it to protect yourself. OK, Chip, I can see the logic in this argument and where you’re headed, but in the day trading example, when some crazy guy comes in and starts lighting up the office will you have time (or even the ability) to run out to your car so that you can gun down the hostile?

Probably not, which is why I think the next bill to come up (if SB 43 were to pass) would say that employers can’t prevent employees from keeping their guns on their person at all times, because you never know when someone that isn’t an employee will have a gun on their person. In other words, if Mark Barton comes through the door it won’t be much good if your gun is safely stowed in your vehicle.

So, will Chip and other SB 43 supporters address this inconsistency of their argument and whether or not this is the next move?


  1. Bull Moose says:

    I can make a list a mile long of issues that need addressing by the GA Senate and none of them have to do with encroaching on private property or dictating private employer – employee policies.

  2. gunsdontkillpeople says:

    It seems to me that part of the issue these bills raise is how we encourage responsible gun ownership in Georgia. Unlike other things, you can’t grow guns in the back yard or make them in the basement. Who keeps track of gun permits? How many times have gun toters committed violent acts? How come abusers have guns? All guns start out legal. How do criminals and others get them? And you’re right — people like Bobby Franklin and some others in the General Assembly (as well some gun rights folks) want to be able to carry their guns anywhere — GA/GA Tech football games, bars, government buildings, etc. They say they could shoot back when crazies start shooting, but how do we know any of them can even shoot straight?

  3. jsm says:

    This is currently being debated on AM550 in Gainesville. Al Gainey is sitting in for Martha Zoller until about 11:45am. If you can, listen and call in. 770-535-2911 or 1-800-552-9386.

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