Forget communter trains, go with the Maglev

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The elevated tracks and train are part of a multi-million-dollar venture in the fledgling technology of magnetic levitation. Advocates say maglev trains could one day whisk travelers from place to place at up to 300 miles an hour.

Tony Morris, president of American Maglev Technology, uses the train and track to demonstrate maglev travel to potential customers and investors.

Starting last July, he built 2,000 feet of track on a flat stretch between Austell and Powder Springs in southwestern Cobb County. Up to 35 employees work in two trailers a few hundred yards beyond the end of an inconspicuous gate and road.

Morris had hoped to keep development under wraps, but curious passers-by are finding a way to his door, Morris said, especially on days when the train zips along at speeds up to 60 mph.

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  1. joshdondich says:

    Maglev is a great idea. There are faster versions like the EURO Star across France, and Germany. We need a 60 mph Maglev version in the Atlanta area. If it create jobs more than that GO Fish initiative that won’t create a attractions, but work more effectively in Upstate New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Up of Michigan. The Great Lakes Region would greatly benefit from a bill that, not Georgia there are not that many lakes here. The Maglev would benefit Atlanta more.

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