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I missed this stuff at the bottom of the Women Against Vernon’s Violence stuff earlier. This is being circulated on email from this group:

Vernon’s violent history (based on public record)

1. 1989: Jones charged with “pointing a pistol” at a woman ordered to attend “men stopping violence” no record he attended.

2. 1998 Jones verbally assaults female Georgia World Congress Center police officer.

1999 Jones again verbally assaults second Georgia World Congress center police officer.

3. 2003 Jones accused of trespassing and verbally assaulting widowed single mother Pauline Holder.

4. 2004 January: Jones accused of “simple Battery” against female commissioner Elaine Boyer

5. 2004 May: Jones accused of verbally assaulting State Rep. Teresa Green-Johnson

6. 2004 Dec: Jones accused of rape. Claims “Consensual Adult Encounter.” menage a trois CEO Jones refuses to speak to investigators. Jones and his police chief inappropriately communicate behind the scenes. (see Prosecuting Attorneys Council report)

Vernon’s appointees’ sexual deviancy and violence against women (based on public record)

1. 2007 Ed Wall. Vernon’s appointee as MARTA bd. Chair. “Public indecency.” Wall is Jones’ primary fund raiser and was his “adviser” on police chief selection. [We all know about this one]

2. 2006 Maj. Donald Frank: “Contempt of court and domestic violence.” Jones’ long time protector and fmr. chief of security punished only by P.O.S.T.

3. 2004 Lance Robinson: Jones Dept. Chief of Staff. “Rape and False imprisonment.” Admits to undressing and sleeping with unconscious female in Co[unty] comped hotel room.

My edits are in brackets. I had excluded two names originally, but have found public domain stuff about them, so I’ve put back their names.


  1. GAWire says:

    Vernon Jones and Cynthia McKinney = match made in heaven.

    They could just go around hitting and verbally and physically assaulting people in authority, widowed mothers, white people, and little kids while they’re at it.

    This is just too easy. Why would this joker even bother? Oh, wait, I forgot … this *is* DeKalb County we’re talking about.

  2. GAWire says:

    Oh yeah … I can see it now – Vernon and Cynthia team up to assault all minorities and generally weak people in the name of stopping oppression against blacks in DeKalb Co.

  3. leosun4u says:

    I spent 5 years under Vernon’s administration and I can tell you as a female, the man hates women and does everything in his power to suppress their advancement. He runs a sweat shop of women.

  4. W.A.V.E says:

    Too bad Mr. EGO and his ‘boys’ do not understand that women have rights too, and should be treated equally, fairly and be free from discrimination, hostilities and bias. I am in full support of WAVV in getting the word out about all of this.

    Women Against Vernon Everywhere

  5. Bill Simon says:

    I heard Vermin is going to start promoting a new cologne for men, designed to attract other men.

    It’s going to be called “AKS”, as in “I’m gonna aks that ho’ to introduce me to her pimp ’cause he be hot!”

    (damn! I crack myself up!)

  6. Demonbeck says:

    Who let these women out of the kitchen and into the “little legion of Negroes who would abandon any sense of duty or relationship to the masses of blacks in favor of a job in the house of our common oppressor” anyway?

    What would Elaine Brown have to say about all this?

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