James Marlow On the Ballot

ImageFrom the Political Insider:

We’re told that, over the weekend, a majority of 21 county Democratic chairmen in the Tenth District endorsed James Marlow, a first-time congressional candidate from the world of high-tech business.

Marlow is to formally announce his candidacy on Tuesday in Lincolnton and other spots in the district.

How many more people intend to get in? I would think that the race is about maxed out on the GOP side. On the Democrat side it looks like Marlow has, with the support of the county chairmen, pretty much shut down the opportunities for too many to get in to challenge him.


  1. Andre Walker says:

    Been talking about James Marlow for about a month now (the first three results from “googling” ‘James Marlow’ & Georgia come from my site), and I think that he’s the Democrats’ candidate in this race.

    However, from what I hear, DPG Chair Jane Kidd decided to sit on the sidelines for this race, which is why you’re seeing these county parties jumping out on their own and endorsing a single candidate.

    Don’t be too surprised if Georgia’s labor community does the same. I’ve heard that James Marlow has been courting the union endorsement (as any Democrat would), and I think he’s got a decent shot at getting it.

    I honestly don’t see Labor endorsing Evita Paschall or Terry Holley.

  2. sndeak says:

    I’m not sure how strong/soft the support is for Marlowe. The DPG appears to be strong-arming folks into supporting a ‘self-funded’ candidate.

    I still believe Terry Holley is the best Dem candidate for this district.

  3. Federalist says:

    Of all of the Dems running, Marlow is the only shot they have at taking the 10th. Terry Holley is a joke. Jane Kidd is a joke as well. The best shot the Dems have at taking the 10th is if they pool all of their resources into one campaign, not 50. This is why the Repubs may have some trouble. Whitehead is no doubt the leading contender, and fascist mongoloids like Bill Greene are going to steal votes from him. The best thing the Repubs can do is pool their resources into Whitehead’s camp, I gaurentee he would win outright on the 19th of June. If they do not, chances are there will be a run-off in July with Whitehead and Marlow’s names on the ballot.

  4. ugadog says:


    I didn’t know you blogged. That must be you since you are the only person who thinks you are a good candidate.

  5. SpaceyG says:

    Chris Farris: ROFLing! And that will soon change as Marlow hits the campaign trail and starts getting press.

    Still, the real James Marlow is just a terrific choice for Dems nowadays: he’s everything they desperately need, in GA and elsewhere: hip and youngish and telegenic, big growing family, smart and energetic and, whew, contemporary and business-like. Certainly no whiff of party stooge/ideologue or tired ‘ole civil servant about him. Heck, he oughta run as a Republican! He’d do just as well on that side too I bet. Marlow’s the one to watch. The cameras are going to love him so that’ll be easy enough.

    And full disclosure… no one paid me or suggested I post this. I just actually like and support this candidate. Besides, woe to the person who dares even suggest to the SG what to do, right MadDog?!

  6. GOPaide says:


    It is your uneducated opinions, bad spelling (gaurentee is spelled guarantee…) and poor grammar that contribute to the opinion that us in D.C. as well as the rest of the country (except West Virginia and Kentucky) that people such as yourself are….well…hicks. Ive got an idea….lets elect a Freshman Congressman who is so old that he is going to die in office soon and we are right back at this special election where we started, at the bottom of the seniority list. Everyone knows that Democrats have NO chance in this district, so talking about them is a waste of time. The one good use of your time is to find a good, young candidate who will represent Georgia in a conservative fashion and will live long enough to actually head a committee. I mean, whats so great about Whitehead anyways? He didn’t graduate from UGA (hence his saying it should “be blown up if it didn’t have a football program”), is an absolutely boring public speaker and doesn’t have the best voting record regarding imminent domain. Not to mention he has NO D.C. connections and has never been a leader on ANY issue. Don’t get me wrong, hes a nice guy…but if being a nice guy qualified you for office then Bob Dole would’ve been President.

  7. bowersville says:

    Andre Walker at Georgia Unfiltered is leaning towards making the following motion at the April 28th meeting of the DPG Convention. “I move that the DPG endorse James Marlowe as the Democratic candidate for the 10th Congressional district.”

    If he makes the motion and it carries, they (Ds) will demonstrate yet another united front.

  8. bowersville says:

    Andre’s motion, IMHO, shows the Democrats know the district is solid GOP and that the only way to get into the runoff with a D, is to unite behind one candidate.

  9. Federalist says:

    GOPaide, I apologize for my poor spelling. Hicks…that sounds like a fighting word. You must be upset that I called Bill Greene a fascist mongoloid. I never said that the Dems have a chance in the 10th, I said “the best shot they have” is Marlow. If you are so educated why did you not observe that? I am a PhD, so the uneducated comment…not such a nice one. You are a pompous a$$ to think that a person living in GA is not as astute and intelligent as a person in DC. To the topic of discussion: GOPaide, do you really think that voters care about their congressmen getting chairmanships? Most americans do not even know that Congress uses a committee system, furthermore probably 99% of americans do not know how the committee system works. You are not going to find a “good, young candidate who will represent Georgia in a conservative fashion” in Georiga, not alone in the 10th district. Nobody in the U.S. even knows what governing in a conservative fashion means after the past 4 years of record deficit spending and attacks on small business. You D.C. types are all the same. Get out of the beltway for 5 minutes and talk to the red blooded Americans that make this country the greatest country the Earth has ever seen, and then formulate an educated opinion about who can and will win this race, and why.

  10. Bill Simon says:


    Please stop embarrassing yourself with spelling lessons to Federalist…after all, the term is “eminent domain,” not “imminent domain,” like “imminent danger.”

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