1. Arlan is a man with a big heart and a big vision. He’s not about politics as usual but about bringing fresh ideas and a commonsense approach to healing the dysfunctional attitude many have in our local government. My hat is off to people who want to make a significant difference for ALL people, not just their niche.

  2. Bugapash says:

    At least he doesn’t have a sordid “Randall-esque” history with the local business scene. What’s his plan for the budget, anyone know?

  3. LemonLyman says:

    I was at his rally this afternoon, and he we talked in detail about his plan for the budget–I think it will be on his new website in a day or two. I tell ya, it made some sense. I was in doubt that he’d know how to handle something like that, with so little political experience, but I’m fairly convinced—or at least, I want to hear more.

  4. Bugapash says:

    New webpage up, I saw today–www.gibsonformayor.org . Most of it’s still under construction, but it looks sleek, I must say.

    I stopped by his campaign office the other day, and spoke briefly with his communications officer (Arlan wasn’t there). As far as I can tell, those guys, or that Guy, however it works, is thinking through all of Macon’s issues pretty deeply, and they’ve got some interesting–dare I say audacious even–plans to turn things around. I hope Macon’s ready for such bold moves.

  5. LemonLyman says:

    Well, I lied about the budget info showing up, apparently, but yes, I see the new website. He’s still got my vote. He needs to start getting his info out there–his detailed plans, etc.

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