You Must Read These

Friends, I realize this is not related to Georgia or to politics, but you must go here. GO THERE NOWWWWW!!!!

You’ll thank me.

Oh, and the El Nino answer (go there to know what I’m talking about), you really, really need to read the whole thing, just don’t be drinking coffee while doing so. It’s hard to read at that link, so go here and scroll down to numbered paragraph 3.


  1. drjay says:

    omg–you were right about the coffee. that is some of the funniest stuff i’ve seen in a while. thank you.

  2. Bill Simon says:


    Sorry…but, if you think reading sarcastic comedic comments by an adult viewing drawings from kids is “intellectually stimulating,” you just ain’t that bright, are you?

  3. pachedhouse says:


    Where did I say intellectually stimulating?

    Is it okay for us to laugh at answers to questions by children/teens/college kids on tests/quizzes that they could not answer with anything better than “sarcastic comedic comments”, but not of sarcastic comments when it relates to children’s scribblings?

    I find the sarcastic comments by an adult in children’s drawings much less disturbing than the devolution/degeneration of the school systems in this country.

    But then again Bill, your only usefulness on this board is to make “sarcastic comedic comments” anyways…

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