The Political Insider provides us with this potential taxpayer nightmare.

ntil a few weeks ago, the state Department of Corrections had four credit cards with monthly limits of $1 million each.

News of the cards, and 1,130 others with lower limits taken out by the department, came to light at a House budget subcommittee meeting this week. The cards have raised eyebrows across the state Capitol. Cumulatively, the corrections department had acquired an $8.4 million credit limit via the cards.

So far no evidence of strippers and booze, but then this was the Dept. of Corrections with the credit cards, not the legislature.


  1. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Why isn’t there a post on the McCain endorsements. Even bullmooses name is mentioned. Not to mention a lot of people close the Sonny. Guess we know who the Governors pick is. Still does not convince me though.

    Anybody but McCain.

  2. Rpolitic says:

    With over $8 million in debt they must have already racked up some serious points. Wonder what they bought

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