I ran into Earl Ehrhart today…

…And he told me that he’s looking to next Friday (if my memory serves me correctly) as the tentative tour date of the Capitol for Georgia bloggers.  Ehrhart said to me that he wants to spend about an hour or so giving us the “50 cent tour”  (my words, not his).
Rep. Ehrhart also mentioned that the tour would include going up to the top of the Gold Dome.


  1. GOPeach says:

    Oh boy!

    Peach is in! Can’t wait to meet you crazy guys-

    Details???? Where??? When????

    What do we wear? Our pajammas or business causal?

    If Bill Simon shows up, he will be forced to take his anual shower. Somebody must pack a comb,
    toothpaste, breath mints, deodorant, and a some tweezers to remove the hair from his ears and nose- include a nail file for his toe nails. He loves to FILE!

    Oh yes – he will need a clean black T-shirt and
    under wear. … AND a hanky — just in case his nose is dirty….

    He tries to clean everyone else’ nose while his remains dirty. Let’s all take plenty of pictures.
    This will be a first.

    Thanks Andre! Thanks Earl!

  2. Dawgfan says:

    To all you Bloggers:

    A guick word of advice on the trip to the top of the dome. Been there, done that. Wear something you don’t mind sweating in and don’t mind getting dusty. Other than that take a camera.

  3. whitemalevoters says:


    Without Earl, the ultra-right “conservative” “Christian” movement wouldn’t stand a chance. We put our TOP demagogue in charge when we voted for Earl. Go EARL!!!


  4. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Sounds like the PayDay Boys talked Earl into another favor – they’ll get a close-up look at the gold in the dome before they agree to take it as collateral. Given the astronomical increase in state debt in the last five years it’s a wonder that someone didn’t try this before.

  5. Bill Arp says:

    ha…ugaiv…you are my personal favorite on Peach Pundit now…Booby..that is great…

    Now your turn – Booby – please keep your oppressive, trashy ideas to yourself….you have allready ruined the Democratic party please do not ruin the peach pundit…..go back to California and run Gray Davis’s campaign….or better yet go back down to Orlando and see if you can dig up “disneygate”….

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