Unhappy hour

From today’s Savannah Morning News:

“IT’S A shame when politicians’ fear of the democratic process stands in the way of giving responsible adults the ability to voice their own opinions on a matter of personal choice…

… the guiding light of representative government should be the will of the people.

This week, it shines a little dimmer…

…Georgia is one of only three states (Indiana and Connecticut are the other two) that prohibit sales of alcoholic beverages at stores on Sundays…

…The viewpoints of all Georgians should be respected. But the same goes for the will of the majorities in communities in those areas.

This isn’t a drinking issue. It’s a democracy issue.”

Read the full editorial at: Unhappy Hour


  1. Doug Deal says:

    A Savannah paper in support of sunday sales?! WOW, how unexpected.

    Anyway, Demon, now the recent comments section has completely stopped working for me again.

  2. BrianDart says:

    This bill sends two messages. 1. Don’t drink at home on Sundays, but go to the bar and then drive home. 2. Sunday is the only Sabbath our governement recognizes. Too bad if you are Jewish.

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