1. Federalist says:

    I think I said the same thing about Bill Greene, but is there any difference between these GOP candidates in the 10th? They are all cookie-cutter candidates. Screw Whitehead, the founding fathers would have a heart attack if they knew these would be the potential office holders…hell it makes me want to have a heart attack having to choose between ex-football players, tire store owners, and Nazi political consultants (Bill Greene). I do not think that there is a decent human being running in this race, it hurts me to think that I may have to vote Dem or not at all.

  2. tony r says:

    Bill who???

    My high school kid can do a better website than broun, sendelbach, bill whoever.

    Whiteheads got a great website and solid operation. And he’s a good conservative. Clearly the man in this race.

  3. DAMY46 says:


    There are more out there (that are going to run) than Whitehead and Greene…

    We will see how this shapes up…….

    I wanted Jackie Poteet to jump in..

    This will get interesting….

    Also, Columbia County does not run this District…

    There are 21 counties and 160,000 voters here…

    my 2 cents


  4. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Donald, Bill Greene just used your two cents just buy Alan Keyes’s endorsement. Personally, I think Bill got robbed.

  5. Holly says:

    So, long story short, I had to make a surprise trip to Elberton yesterday afternoon. On my way there, I kept seeing Paul Broun signs. I begin to think that Broun is a bigger factor in the race than most on PP are giving him credit for.

    Also, has anyone else met Nate Pulliam?

  6. JayHanley says:

    Nice looking site. I have not met Nate Pulliam, but my editor at The Oconee Enterprise in Watkinsville, has talked to him. However, I am not too keen on candidates running that do not live in the district. From what I understand, Pulliam and Sendelbach live in Conyers, at least 30-50 miles outside the district.

  7. Holly says:

    Ah. I was really curious as to what his platform was, but I’d only vote for someone who lived in the 10th district.

  8. DAMY46 says:

    Hey, I Am Jacks Post,

    I live in Columbia County..

    We are looking at 21 counties and about 160,000 voters..

    Again, my 2 cents.


  9. CHelf says:

    He also needs to go back and correct his rebuttal to Cynthia Tucker on illegal alien/terrorists and voting. Not wanting to defend Tucker but Whitehead has his story all wrong. If he would go back to the paper he quoted he would note that it was not left-leaning groups registering al Qaeda terrorists to vote but the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in OH. So the same thing that basically caught the illegal in this case would have done the same in just about any other state.

    I would personally like to see some examples of illegals registering, even successfully, and even voting in GA. It would go far to prove his credibility to back his claim up.

  10. Bill Simon says:


    So, since you find it a delight to categorize people by what they do for a living (and then insult their chosen occupation), do tell us what HIGH and MIGHTY job you do to contribute to our capitalist-based society?

  11. bowersville says:

    I’d like a little more elaborate explanation on the “Nazi political consultants” from Federalist, rather than just a lame comment.

    Who was it using femi-nazi to no avail?

    Federalist, who do you have in this fight? A democrat?

  12. bowersville says:

    Combine all votes for anyone living outside the 10th and it won’t amount to 2-3% irregardless of their platform.

  13. Kepper says:

    Did you actually know any of the founding fathers? (end sarcasm). How would you know what any of them thought? What is it, in your mind, that makes a decent human being? If you knew the answer, you wouldn’t be making stupid and childish comments like that. All you are doing is killing your credibility.

  14. Federalist says:

    I have no candidate in this fight, They are sub-average candidates. Bill Greene is the “nazi” is am referring to…his platform is centered around his personal prejudices, and he tolerates no behavior that he does not understand. Perhaps saying that these candidates are not decent human beings was harsh, and I succumbed to my own prejudices. I can say with conviction, however, that I do not believe any of the current candidates for the 10th district are acceptable, nor do I think that they are capable. Mr. Simon, I did not insult anybody, especially for their occupations. I am a student/teacher.

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