The drama that is SB 43

Why didn’t SB 43 come to the floor? The AJC Political Insider has the story:

[T]he final straw of the evening came when Senate Republican leaders found they had been out-maneuvered. NRA lobbyists revealed they had quickly begun approaching Democrats, and had made enough progress to assure passage of the bill.

(Democrats we talked to Wednesday said, yes, NRA overtures had been made, but not enough to snatch the bill from the jaws of defeat. But remember that on Tuesday, the chamber had just finished a highly partisan battle over private cities, and some Democrats may have been smelling payback.)

The bottom line was that Senate GOP leaders believed that, if the bill came out, not only would it pass, but several prominent Republicans would be caught on the wrong side.

So Cagle took the bullet and ordered the bill held.