RedState to Iraq

I’ll put this up here as I suspect some of you might be interested and want to help out. After much harassing of the Pentagon, the Department of Defense has extended an invite to Jeff Emanuel and a RedState cohort to go tour Iraq. Jeff, as most of you know, was in special operations and fought in Iraq.

RedState has to raise $10,000.00. Our parent company has contributed $2500.00, but we need reader help to get the rest of the way there. We’re almost half way to the goal. If you want to help, please click the picture.


Please click here for more details about this exciting opportunity, or on the graphic to contribute.


  1. GOPeach says:

    If you promise to take Bill Simon and leave him there, I will help you raise all the money you want!

    What a great perk.
    You should really think about it.

  2. Icarus says:


    When I’m feeling a bit down or blue,

    I just think about the love child that you and Bill Simon could make.

    That always makes me smile.

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