1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Attention Bull Moose: please read that post, contrast it to your own repeated chorus of “SB 43 is the worst bill ever!!!!!!” wails, and thus learn the difference between adding something to the discussion, and simply saying the same thing repeatedly for the sake of hearing yourself say it.

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Easy now — just trying to explain a bit why your agitatings for a promotion aren’t going so well to this point. FWIW, I’m an admin here, as well, and as such have a vested interest in having folks on the FP who can add to the discussion. If that’s you, then show it instead of simply agitating and repeating yourself.

    Seriously — it’s a friendly tip, nothing more, nothing less, and definitely not meant to be an insult.

  3. Rpolitic says:

    What is truly galling about this was that the NRA was threatening to make the vote on SB 43 the only vote that they graded this year. To think that life long supporters of the 2nd amendment would be judged and threatened with receiving an “F” on the next little orange card. This is why groups become fringe organizations. They fail to maintain their sanity and become drunk with their own success.

  4. CHelf says:


    Good points. I think by offering only this as their scorecard shows this issue was loaded from the beginning. That little orange scorecard makes most politicians bend and break on bills even if deep down inside they are against it.

    This one issue score card shows premeditation and the fact this was their leverage in getting it passed. Now seeing that being the case, some Dems have decided to take that to make gains on their own side. On the flipside, there are those within the GOP who still haven’t given in to the pressure I would go as far to call blackmail. If this still doesn’t have the votes, I’d expect some even lower tactics come out of the woodwork and this issue get even uglier.

  5. Icarus says:

    I posted this rant over at RedState last night. Probably would have preferred more polish, but my feelings are pretty much this morning:

    Now, Mr. Lapierre may have an A+ rating up to this vote, but now, I’m giving him an F rating. Because, by his own standards, this is the only vote that matters now. At least, that’s what he threatened folks who have spent an entire career supporting our 2nd amendment rights with.

    When a State Senator like John Douglas, who last year successfully had a unanimous consent resolution praising Jane Fonda revoked, equates the NRA with a “hysterical teenage girl”, Mr. Lapierre may have a problem.

    When the VP of the Georgia Shooting Association, the local NRA arm says, “I oppose SB 43 because it violates property rights. And, for 30-plus years I have been fighting the infringement of my right to own guns. Now, I believe that if a property owner’s right to his property are not valid, then pretty soon somebody will tell me that my right to own and shoot guns on my own property are not valid either.”, then it appears the national organization might have F’ed up, and Mr. Lapierre might be a frigtard.

    Mr. Lapierre, I strongly encourage you to look at what happend to a lot of national Republicans in 2006, when groups like the NRSC chose to overrule the grassroots and take a “we know better than those local folks” attitude toward their membership. I strongly suggest you get on a plane TOMORROW morning, fly down to Atlanta, and bring some knee pads. You’ve got a lot of apologies to make.

    It’s important to remember who your friends are, and who they aren’t. You messed up, Mr. Lapierre, and this came from the top down, not the bottom up.

  6. Icarus says:

    You say “was” as if you’re sure it’s really, really dead. I see another try on this as a subsitute for another bill that has crossed. The NRA doesn’t give up that easily, even when they should.

  7. Chris says:

    I’ve heard rumor SB43 has risen from the grave and is in search of the brains of another bill to devour.

  8. Federalist says:

    The NRA is not trying to give anyone a victory, but they need to create pseudo-issues if they are going to keep raking in contributions from people who think their 2nd amend. rights are being threatened. Republicans do the same thing, they make a big deal about flag burning and gay marriage and abortion and all sorts of nonsense pseudo-issues. It is politics.

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