Vernon Jones’s Campaign: DOA (and we thought the orgy and three-way rumors were exciting)

I doubt this will go over very well with pretty much anyone. This, of course, is the discrimination lawsuit filed against Vernon Jones. While he was granted partial summary judgement, the court proceeded with other aspects of the case, finding:

The evidence is that Jones began implementing his agenda to eliminate white managers as soon as he took office and that many high-ranking officials within DeKalb County, including Stogner, Jones’s Executive Assistant, Stone, the Director of Human Resources, Williams, an Assistant County Administrator, and Drew, the Director of the Parks Department, were actively participating and furthering the agenda. . . .

Plaintiffs offer evidence that Jones, Stone, and Drew each told Lowe that a plan was in place to discriminate against white DeKalb County managers. Lowe testified that Jones told him the white people in the Department needed to removed, and the whole department needed to be reorganized.

This evidence is sufficient for a reasonable jury to find that there was a widespread practice that is so permanent and well-settled as to constitute a custom, and that this practice was implemented and encouraged by Jones as CEO of DeKalb County.

And here we thought rumors of three ways and orgies would be the most exciting part of this campaign!


  1. GAWire says:

    So when it comes to DeKalb workers, Jones wants to eliminate all the white people, but when it comes to white chicks joining the origies, he suddenly becomes color blind?

    Still trying to figure out exactly what about that statement that bothers me most.

  2. Icarus says:

    Vernon’s race will be just another excuse for Dick Williams to continue to waste 1/2 of the Georgia Gang broadcast on DeKalb county politics. (The other half is wasted by Alexis Scott’s Winners and Losers – Get to the point, lady!)

  3. Trackboy1 says:

    Icarus is spot on about the Georgia Gang. Think you have to be 75 yrs or older to be on the panel. Might be time for Peach Pundit, RGM, decaturguy, Jason Pye, etc. to make the show, but that would be radical for them along with making somesense…The average age of their viewership would drop from the current 81.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    Those whippersnappers on the Georgia Gang don’t know how rough we had it back in our day.

    “It all started in the year nineteen-diggity-two….. we had to say diggity back then because the kaiser had stolen our word for twenty……. hey! I had to chase him for diggity-six miles to get it back!”

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