The Union County Mess

Well, there are certainly sour grapes in Union County, having now talked to several angry people and Kevin Harris, who was kind enough to call me.

There really does seem to be a misunderstanding between the angry folks and the rest of the folks in the Union County GOP. I don’t know Kevin from Adam, but enough people tell me he is a decent guy that I’m willing to put some trust in what he told me.

Here now is the story:

About the courthouse, a Democrat County Commissioner blocked the request to use the Courthouse. The GOP needed somewhere else to meet and host over 100 people. The church was the most appropriate building.

On the rules issue, the Union County GOP’s Executive Committee amended the rules at the end of the last year to require that the County Chairman be selected from the Executive Committee. It seems pretty clear to me that this rules change was designed to exclude one particular person from being eligible to run — sneaky, but within their power to do.

At the convention, the rules were submitted without change — well, they had been changed last year, but that was done appropriately. The rules submitted at the convention had not changed since then. When the nominations were made and everyone was reminded that only someone on the Executive Committee could be nominated as Chair, things got a little heated. The Chair of the Convention was willing to entertain a motion to suspend the rules, but that did not go anywhere.

So, at the end of the day, there does seem to be two sides with compelling stories. It seems, after digging around, that things are much more innocent than some would have had me and you believe.


  1. Demonbeck says:

    Erick posts 437 threads today – 73 on the Union County Debacle alone – and yet he hasn’t weighed in on the Free Bull Moose movement at all.

    The lunch rush has got to be over – no need for anymore of those delicious spicy chicken Cool Wraps…..

  2. Icarus says:

    …Not to mention that he hasn’t weighed in yet with an opinion on “Ham Day”.

    Free Bull Moose. (That way, you can have the fun of banning him again in a few weeks.)

  3. drjay says:

    i am surprised that union county is still “run” by democrats–the demographics seem ripe for the gop to hold some offices there…

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