1. Bill Simon says:

    The color scheme of the Georgia Legislative Watch page is too weak for me toi really read it, Jason.

    I like your blog’s scheme though…good contrast, and not hard on the eyes.

  2. Doug Deal says:


    It might help if the font was larger. Try holding down the control key while moving the wheel on your mouse up and down. At larer font, it is much more readable.

  3. dogface says:

    Man, did the NRA take it on the chin today! Big time. And rightly so.

    Like many posters here on this issue, I own guns, I’m an NRA member.

    But threatening Senators who have years of support of NRA bills, many who have an “A” record all these years, with an “F” if they voted against SB 43 surely backfired.

    SB 43 is one of the dumbest bills to come along in a long time. It is a disservice to gun owners. And has really hurt the credibility of the NRA here. And as an NRA member, I think Wayne and the boys in D.C. have made a major mistake in introducing and insisting on SB 43.

    Trampling on the rights of business owners and private property owners so workers can bring their guns to work.

    In essense, they have made a serious, misguided mistake to challenge ownership and private property rights … the very foundation on which the right to carry and the right to gun ownership is based.

    As a fellow NRA member wrote earlier, when we love our guns more than our freedom, we are seriously off course.

    Finally, by avoiding a vote on this insane bill, the Senators told the NRA, enough is enough. Bills which only purpose is to show how powerful the NRA is and tactics that are designed to jerk Senators around won’t cut mustard here in Georgia.

    Kudos to the Senate. Casey and the Senate should have had the guts to vote it down, but by not voting on the bill, perhaps the Senate showed the NRA, when you have real bills that address real problems, we’ll consider them. But don’t bring this crap from D.C. down here and bully us. Georgia already has the most gun-friendly laws in the country.

    As Sen. Douglas rightly said, the NRA is actly like a bunch of “hysterical teenage girls.”

    Enough of the threats and intimindation. It isn’t helping Second Amendment activists.

    Even the NRA’s official state affiliate, the Georgia Sport Shooting Association, opposed the bill … wow! that’s how stupid a piece of legislation SB 43 is.

    Winners: Keith Hatcher of the Georgia Realtors and Skin Edge and Joe Fleming of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, who stood on the front lines standing up for private property rights and the rights of business owners to set reasonable rules for the workplace and property!

    Pretty amazing that the NRA lost. Almost unheard of.

  4. dogface says:

    Oh, and the losers? Besides the NRA and gun owners? The NRA lobbyists, Brian Hudson and Raymond White, who couldn’t get an NRA bill through a red-state, pro-gun state. They’ll be lucky to hang on to their lucrative NRA contract and may never get another business client ever.

  5. atlantaman says:

    As a member of the NRA I do find myself asking is this the kind of crap my money is going to?

  6. Bill Simon says:


    THANK YOU for the operating tip for Mozilla.

    I have a new and larger screen and with the normal resolution, I can’t see jack on Mozilla. But, the scroll tip did the trick!

  7. Philly says:

    I am glad SB 43 was defeated. I am a longtime NRA voting member but felt like it would have caused private property owners to lose even more rights than they have now.

    It should be left up to the workplace to determine if you can have a gun in your locked vehicle on their property.

    This bill would have opened a pandora’s box on further eroding private property rights.

    I believe you have a right to own and carry a gun, but I have a right to tell you not to bring it on my property.

  8. Doug Deal says:

    Strategically, this bill was stupid. The last thing the NRA should want to do is piss off the pro-business/property rights crowd. They should be natural partners. Going after them in such an in your face way is about as myopic as you can be.

  9. Holly says:

    Has anyone else thought of how much the NRA is operating like the AFL-CIO right now? The NRA has usually been a strong, quiet partner because that has been the proven way to get legislation effectively passed without giving off the perception that they “control” legislators. However, now they’re going behind backs, making threats, and really showing themselves. I cannot figure out how these tactics will benefit them in the future, but it surely reminds me of the AFL-CIO’s political arm.

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