People are really pissed off about the Fulton GOP Convention

I’ve received a lot of emails via the tip line about the Fulton County Convention. This one is the most detailed. I have no way of knowing the veracity of the claims made, but it is consistent with all the other emails I’ve been getting:

At the beginning of the convention, there were 266 eligible ballots, and the delegates had to stand up to receive said ballots. When you received your ballot, you were instructed to be seated. When the convention Chairman, Wendell Willard, announced that all 266 ballots had been distributed, 50 people… all from districts which heavily supported Shawn Hanley… were still standing, having not received their ballots. Chairman Willard nullified the vote immediately, and asked each district chairperson to count the delegates from their respective districts. After the count was done, Chairman announced that there were now 244 eligible delegates present. The district chairs then distributed ballots to their respective districts and collected them after the voting was completed. This wouldn’t have been as suspicious, but here’s a little factoid: the district chair from the largest district in the county just happened to be Camille Dvorscak, Mike’s wife. The suspicion doesn’t end there. When all votes had been counted and the results tallied, Chairman Willard announced that the secretary (Karen LeBarr, a major Dvorscak supporter) had been wrong on her count of 244. He announced that it was actually 254, and that of that 254, 250 voted. Exactly six more votes than the original 244. Dvorscak won by 6 votes.

All this was done while Secretary of State Karen Handel (a Hanley supporter) was offering an alternative to the vote, to line everyone up, give them one ballot each, and mark their tag with an “X” when they had cast their ballots. This would have been the fair and logical thing to do, but Dvorscak wanted to do it his way.

These irregularities need to be pointed out, because of its affect on the party and the fact that Dvorscak’s credibility must be questioned. There was clearly suspicious behavior on the part of Dvorscak, and this needs to be publicized somehow.


  1. ugavi says:

    Your post is accurate. The convention and voting process were poorly run.

    The two things that were not mentioned in your post were: the nominating and credentials committees were both 100% Dvorsack supporters. Willard was also a Dvorsack supporter.

    The real winner in the process was Hanley – he was a class act and handled the situation very well.

    There are rumors floating around that this will be escalated to the State Party for review.

    There was massive support for Sue E. for State Party Chair in the room.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    So the Secretary of State was in attendance, and the vote was still rigged? Say it ain’t so! Let’s hope she has more success on the state level.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    CobbGOPer/Bill Stephens Worshipper/Brian Laurens:

    Karen Handel was a voter and not in charge of the PROCESS. Mike Dvorscak’s Band of Gypsies, Cheaters and Thugs were in charge.

    Brian, you’re STILL an idiot.

  4. ugavi says:

    I don’t think CobbGOPer is Laurens.

    Your comment about Handel not running the process is spot on. Says something about the party leadership in Fulton, when they aren’t even willing to take any input from the SoS.

  5. Demonbeck says:

    I really don’t care. I don’t live in Fulton.

    I just want to be part of the conversation.

  6. CobbGOPer says:

    Besides, FUCOGOP isn’t any more screwed up than the Cobb GOP (actually it’s likely less screwed up). They’re all morons who want to run for public office one day to satisfy their inferiority complexes, and afflict the rest of us taxpayers with their ignorance (like any good politician does…).

  7. Mike Hauncho says:

    Just as a point of correction it was not Karen Labarr who made the mistake but Val Betz the credentials chair that made it. She was not pulling anything funny she was just having to do the math on a note pad while 254 people sat in the audience yelling. It is amazing that year after year things like this happen and there is no plan in place for how to conduct a secret ballot and do so in a secure way. I am a big Hanley supporter but the election is behind us and I am now behind Mike 100%. I just hope he can learn from his mistakes and make an attempt to get the party back in shape in time for the 08 elections. Mark Irle is a good Republican and I hated that he withdrew his nomination but he put up with the breakdown long enough and did not want to deal with it for two more years. He is passionate and dedicated his past 3 months on getting Shawn elected. If I were Mike I would look over Shawn’s emails and letters and take some of his plans and use them.

  8. bowersville says:

    Why in the world are y’all trying to drag Karen into this quagmire?

    Karen attends her home town GOP meeting and casts a vote as we all do. A local party is no better than it’s leadership. If the local leadership proves to be a group of thugs , cast them out.

  9. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Bill, I thought we were friends. This is the first time I have seen this thread. Found it from googling myself. I guess I need to google more often. LOL.

    Apparently I have been mentioned in the Uh-oh post too.

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