MountainThinker Makes A Good Point

You think the Fulton County GOP Convention was bad, Union County was far worse. Let’s start with the convention held in a church, arguably an inappropriate location under section 4.4 of the State GOP rules. Then let’s point out that the church at which the convention was held was ministered by one of the candidate’s fathers. Every year before the convention had been held at the Courthouse — an actual legally defined “public building.”

Lots and lots of other stuff went on there that I’m sure we’ll hear about in the coming days.

[UPDATED]: Well, this gets interesting. MountainThinker IM’d to give me the scoop and then I had several people email and call me about this convention. But now I’m getting other people calling me saying there really was no harm/no foul. Very interesting. I owe the Chair of the Convention a phone call about this one.


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    I have a source in Union who tells me a candidate for Chairman was told at the Convention he could not run. The current Chairman had the rules changed to state only members of the Executive Committee could run for Chairman. What the heck?!?

    All this stuff is very disconcerting. At a time when the GOP seeks to become the majority Party in Georgia, we have party activists seeking ways to drive people away.

  2. atlantaman says:

    This is a problem. It sounds similar to the way they slanted the Fulton convention in Dvorsack’s favor.

    Knowing what a great speaker Hanley is, Dvorsack made a rule barring Hanley from the opportunity to speak. Each candidate had to have a someone else speak on their behalf…what the heck???

  3. Holly says:

    The incumbent lost in Columbia, for the record, but our convention seems like it was tame compared to others around the state.

  4. Holly says:

    You’d probably be better off at starting a Greater Augusta YR, which is kind of what we have for Republican Women, and it works well. That way it can draw from more than one county in the area.

    I know we need a club over here, but I cannot take on that responsibility at this point. Nevertheless, I’d be happy to talk with you about what would be needed to set one up. My email is [email protected].

  5. Brian from Ellijay says:


    Mountain Thinker thinks that because he was the other candidate, weren’t your Justin White?

  6. MountainSmasher says:

    Some of the facts surrounding this issue that I don’t believe have been shared here are:

    -The county courthouse was the first choice for the convention, however the commissioner would not allow the GOP to use it, citing security issues. This decision was later reversed but at that point the local GOP had already made other arrangements. It was decided to use a non-county owned facility for fear that the local Democrat controlled government would find a last minute “issue” the day of the convention that would cause the party to scramble for another location.

    -The facility chosen was paid for by the party and is one of the largest facilities in the county. It was actually held in the Family Life Center at a local church. There was also an indoor soccer game going on at the time of the convention.

    -Attendance at the convention was huge and nearly double all other previous GOP conventions in the county.

  7. MountainSmasher says:

    The aforementioned Family Life Center is not the actual church building, but is owned by a church.

  8. Brian from Ellijay says:

    The Gilmer County Convention was held in a youth center. No one had a problem with it. It is a great location.

  9. unionconservative says:

    FACTS about the Convention:

    Fact 1: The convetion was held at a family life center b/c the Democrat Sole Commissioner refused to allow the party to use the courthouse. Eventually Sen. Chip Pearson intervened but the other arrangments had already been made.

    Fact 2: The rules were changed by a rules committee so that only current board members could run for chairman. This change was made to prevent Dems from coming in and taking over or Republicans who came in on convention day having never attended a meeting as had happened in the past w/ disastrous results.

    Fact 3; The Rules were available via the internet or at the courthouse months prior to the convention.

    Fact 4: The other candidate MountainThinker aka: Justin Lewis Wight was kicked off the board last year for conduct that was detrimental to the party. Some of this conduct included investment scams, not filing his last campaign disclosure, unaccounted for tickets for BBQ’s and raffles, bounced checks to the party etc.

    Fact: 5 A wounded veteran is the new chairman of the Union GOP and the party is on the brink of a Republican Revolution. It is people like Justin Wight that have held the party back in the past.
    For more info:

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