District 24

ImageRight now it looks like Senate District 24, being vacated by Jim Whitehead, is going to see a three way primary. So far Bill Jackson, Bret McGuire, and Lee Benedict, Jr. have expressed an interest in running. The seat is a GOP seat and I assume all three guys will run as Republicans.


  1. Lee Benedict says:

    Chris – it is a special election. When the legislative session is done, the Sec of State will set the qualifying period for the 10th Congressional District. When Jim Whitehead qualifies, he must resign his Senate post. Then, the qualifying period is set for his post. All elections will be June 19th. I have submitted my Registration Form for a Campaign Committee for use by Candidate and a Declaration of Intention to Accept Campaign Contributions to the State Ethics Commission. Please visit my site; http://www.leebenedict.com

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