Actual results of the Gwinnett GOP Straw Poll.

Erick had asked for the exact results of the Presidential Straw Poll taken at the Gwinnett GOP’s County Convention this past Saturday and here are those results:

Fred Thompson 62 (43.97%)
Newt Gingrich 24 (17.02%)
Rudy Giuliani 21 (14.89%)
Mitt Romney 10 (7.09%)
Mike Huckabee 7 (4.96%)
John McCain 6 (4.26%)
Sam Brownback 5 (3.55%)
Duncan Hunter 2 (1.42%)
Tom Tancredo 2 (1.42%)
Chuck Hagel 1 (0.71%)
Ron Paul 1 (0.71%)

Not quite a majority for Fred Thompson but pretty close. Unlike Cherokee, Thompson was on the ballot.


  1. GAWire says:

    I know every political discussion has an “if” but if there had not been so much buzz about Thompson within the last few days before the poll, then there’s no way he would have been on the minds of 62 people.

    But that’s political straw polls for you …

  2. dingleberry says:

    I’d have to agree with GAWire on this. Fred Thompson, although in my opinion a stellar candidate, is really just the flavor of the week. Not to say he wouldn’t win the nomination…but it wouldn’t be as easy as the straw polls would have us believe…

  3. whitemalevoters says:

    Sam Brownback is the choice for all white male voters. He always votes in a way that is pleasing to us.

  4. Judge Learned Hand says:

    Straw polls or not, its interesting that the top two choices are not even official candidates. Doesn’t speak well for the Team McCain, Romney, or Giuliani.

  5. GAWire says:

    >>>”””Sam Brownback is the choice for all white male voters. He always votes in a way that is pleasing to us.”””


  6. joshdondich says:

    Does that mean Barrack Obama is the choice for all black voters, Bill Richardson is the choice for all Hispanic Voters and Hillary Clinton is the choice for all Women voters I don’t think so.
    I am a White Male and I support Rudy Giuliani. I think race baiting by any person of any race has no place in electorial politics. I am suprised at that Gwinnett GOP Poll. I did not think Fred Thompson is consider a serious candidate for President. Fred Thompson might not even run for President. If he jumped in the race lets say about 2 months from now he will not have much time to catch with Giuliani.

  7. whitemalevoters says:


    We don’t even know who you are. You may very be a male, and you may very be white. But you are not a white male voters. If you were a white male voter, you’d be supporting someone who votes in a way that is pleasing to only white male voters. That man, without a doubt, is Sam Brownback.

    We (white male voters) constitute the largest voting block in the South. Guiliani cannot win our votes, therefore he cannot win the south. If he cannot win the south, he won’t be president.

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