General Assembly Encourages Female Genitalia to Kill

Let’s make no bones about, that’s what’s about to happen. The Georgia Legislature is about to enable female genitalia to go killing. My word choice may be offensive to some, but this law should really be offensive to those of you who actually hunt and care about such things.

I mean, you must be a female genital if you feel the need to put food out to attract deer and stand near by to kill it. You must be that certain body part if you aren’t man enough to actually go out and hunt and feel the need to get straight to the killing — either that or you are one lazy SOB.

I realize Rep. Maddox has some good talking points on allowing hunters killers to bait animals and gun them down, but let’s skip all the Georgia Hunting and Fishing Federation inspired talking points and get straight to the nut of this bill:

If you favor this law, you favor arming female genitalia because real hunters hunt.


  1. Chris says:

    Damn you Erick. I thought this was gonna be an interesting post, and it turns out its just about baiting.

    I want my money back.

  2. blazer says:

    So, it is wrong to bait deer?

    What makes planting a food plot with the specific purpose of baiting deer okay?

    I can’t throw out a handful of corn but my neighbor can have a 100 ft patch of oats?

    Oh and Erick, you’re sounding like one of those leftwing wussies with this post. I have btw killed more deer on non-baited land than otherwise.

    But let’s talk about killing before I’m finished. Schedule a quail “hunt” on a plantation. You buy 50 birds, then the staff goes and gets 50 farm-raised birds with no survival skills whatsoever and releases them to the land you will be “hunting” over. Then you are driven around to kill all you can.

    Pheasant Hunting? Again, hunters are all gathered in a very large circle whilest staff release the pheasants one by one for the hunters to “hunt” (kill) them. Oh these pheasants are kept in a cage in the middle, farm-raised as well.

    That is killing. Hunting over bait, give me a break. The only real way hunting deer becomes killing is when the deer are fenced in and being raised as livestock… and guess what that already happens and is just as legal as the other 2 types of killing. Please Erick, stop being a Democrat and stop advocating a Nanny-State.

  3. Cotton Boll says:

    Good comments Blazer, but you left out hunting deer by dropping off dogs to chase the deer toward you so you can “hunt” them as they run by.

  4. Doug Deal says:


    Deer are vermin. They are overpopulated due to the lack of natural predators. Anything that encourages the demise of these suicidal giant squirrels with antlers is a good thing.

    You live in Macon. Take a ride late at night and watch how many deer are standing along the interstate (I-16) waiting to kill a passing motorist. A couple of weekends ago I saw at least 10 deer on my way to Dublin, and eventually hit one near Bartow on a country highway.

    I have never hunted, never plan on hunting, and do not see the enjoyment of it, but they have to be removed somehow, since the natural process has broken down.

  5. Nimrod says:


    That is why they are called SHOOTING PRESERVES, because hunting is not required.

    I assume Erick’s point of the Blog is that those desire who shoot deer over bait are pu*****. If not, I am sure that Erick can enlighten us further. In other words C.H.A.P.s (Corn Hunters Are _____).

  6. Nimrod says:


    When and where hunters do their job and manage the deer herd through hunting, mainly by killing does, deer are not overpopulated. However, when they are addicted to Horn Porn, they fail to do their job.

    Providing tons of corn to deer will not help control the numbers. All that unnatural feed will produce more deer exacerbating the problem you perceive.

    Advocate for baiting/feeding and you advocate for more deer and the problems more deer create!

  7. jsm says:

    The DNR in recent years has set up its own baited areas and literally slaughtered deer in an effort to control the population. So someone thinks this is an effective method of thinning the herd.

    Whether or not they’re right, they apparently have convinced Rep. Maddox. I’m not so sure there will be a noticeable effect on hunting or deer population either way.

  8. blazer says:

    So tell me again…

    Baiting is unnatural feeding of the deer…

    Planting acres of food plots is not?

  9. Doug Deal says:


    It’s just the way people choose to see things, and is what causes most problems in our world. They want to make conclusions before gathering evidence.

    We bait things we want to get rid of all the time, ants, cockroaches, rats, gophers, opposums, and any other form of vermin. Why do these people think deer are special or different?

  10. Demonbeck says:

    I’ll support the killing of more deer if someone will fix me some venison stew and/or some venison Brunswick Stew…mmmm

  11. Nimrod says:

    Convince me on how pumping tons of feed to the deer is going to result in more getting killed. Baiting is not the solution to getting more deer killed. Its the cash cown desired by two large landowners and one feed mill owner in SOWEGA.

  12. Doug Deal says:


    The deer are not starving as it is, and therefore there numbers are not limited by food. They are more likely limited by the hoods of vehicles than a handful of corn.

  13. MountainThinker says:

    Doug Deal…I can’t tell if you’re being totally serious, but man I am laughing so hard I am in PAIN!

    “Anything that encourages the demise of these suicidal giant squirrels with antlers is a good thing.”

    Quote of the Day! You are HILARIOUS!

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