GOP County Convention Results Open Thread

As Chris mentioned here Gregory Howard was reelected in Gwinnett with Brandon Doty defeating Kathryn Gartland for First Vice Chairman. Chris forgot to mention he was elected to an At Large position.

There was a Straw Poll for President with Fred Thompson running away with it but I don’t have the exact numbers.

What happened elsewhere? Cobb? Fulton? Anywhere else there was some excitement?


  1. pachedhouse says:

    SJ wins in Cobb!

    Mike keeps his chairmanship in Fulton (with from what I hear, voting irregularities).

  2. mainstream GOP says:

    Cobb Results:

    Scott Johnson’s Slate: 166 votes (75.11%)
    Cindye Coate’s Slate: 55 votes (24.89%)

    . Rudy Giuliani wins Straw Poll

    . Anthony Scott Hobbs hinted he was strongly
    considering backing out of the State GOP Chair
    race; juding by lapel stickers..Sue probably
    had at least a 3 to 1 margin

    . The convention is still in session as they review the nominating committee’s pick for the State/ District conventions.

  3. Brian from Ellijay says:


    The state is shaping up very nicely for Sue.

  4. Chris says:

    Rudy won Cobb? Gee, and here I thought Gwinnett was the second most Red county in Georgia. 🙂

  5. ugavi says:

    The Fulton County Convention was a joke. Sometimes when you when win – you actually lose. The balloting was a joke, and the entire convention was poorly run.

    Shawn Hanley is a class act and was the real winner.

  6. shep1975 says:

    Thompson was not on the ballot. Neither was Huckabee. Many, including me, wrote in Thompson.

    Cobb Convention got out at about 3:55PM. Bill Simon had to added to the County Committee and as a delegate to the district and state conventions. Sue wasn’t going to bring out stickers, but Anthony did and the crowd was quickly 3:1 Sue over Anthony on stickers. Scott’s team was about the same percentage over Cindye’s.

  7. Holly says:

    From Columbia County:

    Debbie McCord – 53 votes
    Charles Allen – 49 votes

    Also, Sherry Barnes is replacing Dave Barbee as chair in Richmond County.

  8. Erick says:

    Don Layfield returned to the Chairmanship of Bibb County to sort it out and rebuild it. Every officer was appointed by acclamation. Yet again I am the Bibb County GOP’s General Counsel.

  9. DMZDave says:

    Shawn Hanley won the day in Fulton by demonstrating what it is to be a “class act.” Shawn lost 128 -122 but by running he forced Dvorcak to fix a host of problems including a new web site that had not been addressed until the pressure was on and then, just when a lot of Shawn’s supporters were about to melt down over what truly looked to be a “hanging chad” moment, Shawn strode to the front, gained the floor, gratiously conceded and said “the division ends today” pledging to work with Mike going forward. It was one of those moments where the loser became the true winner. Thanks Shawn, class act, you’re a great Republican, great team player and definitely “Semper Fi.”

  10. atlantaman says:

    I’m hearing the Fulton GOP convention had two seperate votes for Chairman, the first had way more votes cast than delegates registered then after the second vote they kept changing the total ballots cast – Dvorscak won by 4 votes.

    Very bush-league.

  11. shep1975 says:

    I have been negligent! Congrats Chris!

    As for Fulton, my hope is Mike and will look at his narrow victory as a call for a change in management style for the better. Incumbents should not be within 4 votes of losing. If Mike hopes to move up in the party, he needs to build from these mistakes and be proactive. People tend not to like changing horses in midstream, and they almost did in Fulton.

  12. drjay says:

    chatham county went as expected–the slate presented by the nominating ctte. was accepted w/out any dissent.

    frank murray is the new chair.

    and more importantly my beautiful bride was elected 2nd vice chair…

  13. Publicola says:

    shep1975 said “As for Fulton, my hope is Mike and will look at his narrow victory as a call for a change in management style for the better. Incumbents should not be within 4 votes of losing. If Mike hopes to move up in the party, he needs to build from these mistakes and be proactive. People tend not to like changing horses in midstream, and they almost did in Fulton. ”

    shep1975 please deliver same advice to your friend Gregory Howard. He was within 3 votes of losing.

  14. atlantaman says:

    “Incumbents should not be within 4 votes of losing.”

    Shawn is a great guy, a class act and a veteran. He should be commended for coming within 4 votes of Dvorsack and the only reason he didn’t win was being new to the Fulton County Party and lack of familiarity with a lot of folks.

    If it had been someone who had been active in the Fulton County Party for a few years Mike would have lost. Dave McCleary, Mark Irle, or Dean Alverson all would have won in a landslide.

  15. ugavi says:

    Glad to hear Josh won. I hope Sherry Barnes returns phone calls.

    McCleary is running for 6th District Chair – he’s a great guy and has earned it.

  16. Josh Bonner was elected Chairman of the Fayette County Republican Party.

    The former chairman, Lane Watts, is leaving his post in order to run for District 3 chair.

  17. JayHanley says:

    The following were elected by the Oconee County Republican Party Convention:

    Chairman James Griffith; First Vice Chairman Mike Maxey; Second Vice Chairwoman Cindy Chapman; Third Vice Chairman John Roberts; Secretary Jay Hanley; and Treasurer Kate McDaniel.

    Two races were contested: James Griffith defeated John Roberts for Chairman. Roberts was later nominated from the floor for the office of Third Vice Chair and defeated Marilyn Hardigree 8-3.

    Three resolutions were adopted. One resolution expressed condolences to the family of the late Congressman Charlie Norwood. A second resolution made former Gov. and U.S. Sen. Zell Miller an honorary member of the Oconee County Republican Party. The third resolution was a resolution in support of our Commander-in-Chief, our military personnel and their missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  18. JayHanley says:

    Thanks. I should have mentioned that I, as well as Mrs. McDaniel were re-elected. Mr. Griffith succeeds Larry Davison as Chairman. Mr. Maxey succeeds Mr. Griffith and moves up from Second Vice Chairman.

    And yes, I am sad to say that in a solidly Republican county like Oconee, we only had 12 people show up.

    What was the turnout like in other counties?

  19. jsm says:

    In Hall County:

    Chairman – Paul Stanley
    Vice Chair Operations – Chris Masters

    The convention went smoothly, and we were finished by around noon. All seats on the executive committee were elected by affirmation.

    Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Congr. Nathan Deal both gave excellent speeches. Deal was as fired up as I’ve ever seen him. He’s concerned for the future of this country.

  20. patriot says:

    Newton County’s GOP Convention went quite well Saturday, with 25 in attendance. Most of the faithful attended, and business was handled in an orderly fashion.

    A new slate of officers was elected, with one hold-over as treasurer:
    Steve Bray – Chairman
    Randy Upton – 1st Vice Chair
    Matt Eason – 2nd Vice Chair
    Christy Walker – Secretary
    Frank Turner, Jr. – Treasurer

    A new position was approved in a rules change – Chairman Emeritus.

  21. shep1975 says:

    Jay, how about an Oconee or Oconee-Clarke YR Club? Brings in a new people who wouldn’t necessarily come out to a party committee meeting. Know anyone who would be interested?

    Also, I remember in my CR days at UGA volunteering at the Oconee County GOP Convention. I’ll never forget Bert Guy vaccuming the floor afterwards while the rest of us wannabes were busy politicking.

  22. Brian from Ellijay says:

    In Gilmer,

    Chairman-Linda Whitaker-Wright (Former Representative Ben Whitakers daughter)

    Vice Chair-JC Sanford

    We only had 48 people this time, last convention it was around 60.

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